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Few things hold an iconic spot in vintage Americana culture like a good old fashioned milkman. While many of us may not be old enough to remember the crack of dawn delivery made by the man dressed in white, we all know what this doorstep delivery is about.

Although the presence of the milkman had diminished as consumers found it cheaper and easier to buy milk at the grocery store, farm fresh milk deliveries has made a resurgence in popularity for its farm-to-table quality, nostalgic appeal, and eco-conscious properties. If getting your dairy fix from a vintage glass bottle tickles your fancy, you’re in luck– there’s a subscription for that (once again)!

Since milkman delivery services rely on farm fresh quality and flavor, the service tends to be a highly localized business, where milkmen source and deal with dairy farmers directly. Although the service you go with largely comes down to location, there are widespread options across the U.S. and Canada. Drink Milk In Glass Bottles is a consumer resource site that pairs milk lovers with farm fresh milk delivery services close to home, making it easier than ever to find your dedicated milkman.

The process of getting into a recurring milk delivery routine is similar to the olden days (early morning milk drop, leave out empty bottles, repeat), this nostalgic service introduces more modern options to keep at an advantage, making it unlikely to be just another disappearing fad. For most milkmen nowadays, milk is just one of the many products supplied.

At Homestead Creamery in Wirtz, Virginia, select from 15 different flavors of milk, 22 flavors of ice cream, and for the lactose intolerant, there’s a bottled homemade lemonade too. Serving Westchester, New York, The Hudson Milk Co. incorporates produce, butter, eggs, granola, fresh baked breads, and more into its milkman philosophy.


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Urbanites need not feel left out either, where companies like Manhattan Milk cater to homes and offices in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and even London. Taking it a step further, this service has white glove Elite Experience and Farmers Butler Experience memberships, where for an annual fee, all of your dairy needs may be met with a dedicated 24/7 concierge (yup!) and other exclusive perks.

The cost and minimums for delivery vary by service and location, but this industry maintains a competitive advantage on the whole. A high standard of quality and reliable service is among the many perks that complement its eco-friendly glass recycling method of dairy trade. Not to mention, it looks just plain cool.

So what do we all think? Are we ready to say goodbye to plastic waste, and bring back the milkman jokes? Let us know in the comments.

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There’s a Subscription for That: Milkman