This M’sian Shares How She Spends Less Than RM70 On 7 Days’ Worth Of Groceries!

Shopping for groceries can be a fun routine but it can also get pretty challenging. Not only is it tiring to go running around from store to store just to find one simple ingredient, but the recent price hikes in grocery products have also gotten us comparing every item in stores just to find the best deal in town.

This is why we believe we’ve found the perfect solution to this when we saw how this fellow Malaysian, named June, shared on Instagram that she managed to spend under RM70 on seven days’ worth of grocery items… and she did it all online! 😱

Looking at June’s Instagram stories, this is what she managed to get for under RM70:

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HF2 crop

  • Eggs (1 tray)
  • Chicken (3 trays)
  • Squid (1 packet)
  • Ramly beef patties (1 packet)
  • Vegetables (5 types)
  • Onions (4 pcs per bag)
  • Apples (6 pcs per bag)
  • Mushroom (1 packet)
  • Tuna (1 can)
  • Round tofu (1 packet)

We especially love how her grocery items are all very wholesome and nutritious, which goes to show that we can realistically save up on fresh and healthy produce. Since June is living alone, she mentioned that these groceries would be enough to make two meals per day so she doesn’t have to resort to tapao-ing food every day.

June also shared that all of these items were delivered to her doorstep just a few hours after she placed her order. So convenient! No more lugging huge bags from the car to your house! 💪


And this is how she did it!

We’ve since reached out to June to ask if she could share with us how she did it and she was kind enough to share a screenshot of her order! Check it out below if you’re just as curious as we are! 👀

HF food 1

HF food 2

HF food 3


According to June, she managed to score these prices through the HappyFresh app (an online grocery platform where you can search for everything you need for your household from fresh produce to daily necessities)!

When asked about how she managed to get such a great deal, June stated that “the grand total of my items was actually around RM80, but I used a special promo code ‘HFSCNY22‘ at check out and I got RM10 off my order plus free delivery and a free gift! I also noticed that each item was on discount as well which helped me save even more.”

She also added, “I was initially a bit worried about the quality of the produce since each item was on discount. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that everything arrived fresh and in mint condition!” We’re definitely impressed 👏

HF3 crop

After checking on the app ourselves, we’re happy to report that the code is still valid until 31 January! However, you do have to spend a minimum of RM80 and it is applicable for HappyFresh Supermarket items only.

Lucky for us, June also shared a few extra codes that she found when she introduced the app to her parents! “If you’re new to HappyFresh, you can use the code ‘MYHAPPYFIRST‘ to get 20% off your first order & get free delivery and 888 points (with a minimum spend of RM28 and the discount is capped at RM20)”!

Additionally, by referring her parents to the app, June also scored an additional RM10 off her next order with free delivery!

So, if you’re looking to do some grocery shopping soon, don’t forget to make use of your apps! With so many apps like HappyFresh available now, it’s much easier to compare prices and get the best deals. So no more excuses, guys! Eating healthy doesn’t need to be expensive.

So here’s to shopping smart & eating healthier in 2022!


Where’s your favourite place to shop? Share with us in the comments below!

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This M’sian Shares How She Spends Less Than RM70 On 7 Days’ Worth Of Groceries!