This Week’s $76 Grocery Shopping Trip

I had been under budget the past few weeks, so I used a little extra to use on groceries this week. I went to Aldi to get some of their deals + basic supplies. I had a little helper with me! 🙂

Butter was on sale for $1.99 — which is the cheapest it ever goes here! If you need butter and have an Aldi nearby, go stock up and fill your freezer!

Also, check to see if your Aldi has canned pumpkin for $0.95/can. This is the best deal I’ve found locally so far!

Here’s everything we bought at Aldi.

Kroger has 10-lb. bags of potatoes for $1.97 each. You can buy up to 5 with the Kroger digital coupon — this is such a great deal! I bought 30 pounds and am planning lots of potato-themed recipes the next few weeks.

32-ounce bags and blocks of cheese are $3.97 each with the digital coupon — and you can get up to 5 bags or blocks! This is also the best deal you’ll ever see on cheese here!

Here’s what I ended up buying at Kroger. (The Italian sausage was $2.97 with the digital coupon and the Smoked Sausage was $1.29.)

Dinners this week: Chicken Tetrazinni, Potato Soup, Sausage/Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes/Peppers in the crock pot, Italian Meatballs/Mashed Potatoes, Ziti with Ground Pork, Mac & Cheese, Fend for Yourself/Leftovers.


This Week’s $76 Grocery Shopping Trip