Three Potentially Profitable Reasons Why Even Your Offline Business Should Be Consistently Utilizing Email Marketing Strategies And Tactics!

If you’ve been attempting to market or promote online for any length of time you’ve already heard or read the stats about how strategic email marketing typically yields an ROI (Return On Investment) of anywhere from $32- $44 dollars for every dollar invested, correct?

News flash. Yea if you’re an experienced multi seven-figure earner like John Thornhill.

Maybe your email marketing campaigns might consistently yield those types of mind-boggling returns.

However, if you’re a mere mortal like the rest of us. Or a newbie online marketer.

My friend those are pie in the sky numbers. (And totally unrealistic for a glorified beginner.) Which unless you’re carefully A/B split testing a ton of relevant data.

You shouldn’t be expecting anywhere near those types of returns.

So Why Should An Offline Business Owner Or Service Provider Even Be Bothered With Email Marketing To Begin With?

Excellent question. Actually, there are three potentially profitable reasons why?

But before diving headlong into those reasons. Do you know or have you heard? (In the United States alone.)
A staggering 50% of all offline business owners or service providers (for whatever reasons) still don’t have their own self hosted website, e-commerce site or blog.

And so it also stands to reason at least 98% of them or more still don’t realize or appreciate. With a reputable paid, state of the art email service provider.

(Like Aweber my current paid email service provider of choice, They don’t need a traditional website, eCommerce site or blog of any kind. In order to have a fully functional, stand-alone, state of the art landing (aka) capture page working for them 24/7.)

But here’s the first incredibly simple and potentially profitable way. Having your very own stand-alone landing page can help you or your major competitors grow your offline business or service.

1. Potential benefit # one: As your daily customers enter your single location, non franchised mom & pop bakery.
You could place a huge (hand made sign) right near your cash register promoting your weekly or monthly free drawing which is only available via your opt-in email subscribers only.

And once a month you and your staff choose-s the 1st grand prize winner. Who wins credit for $300 or X dollars worth of your mouth-watering goodies.

(And they have 90 days from the date they’re notified to use all of their credits.)

Let’s say an impressive 878 regulars leap at the chance to enter your free drawing which lasts for three months during the summer.

Since only one person can win the grand first prize, right? Guess what you can do with the other 99% who are the second runner ups?

You or your major competitors can now send them extremely time-sensitive gift certificates via email. Instead of having to waste a fortune buying outrageously expensive, local prime time radio, TV or local newspaper ads.

This brings you to your second potential benefit.

2. Potential benefit # two: The average business owner or service provider who attempts to periodically use direct snail mail postcards.

Say once every quarter/90 day period. Each time they do. They or you have to pay for not exactly cheap typesetting plus the current postage charges.

These steadily rising costs will definitely add up and significantly eat into any potential gross front end profits.

And what profit-seeking business owner or service provider can constantly afford to let that happen?

And since your reputable paid email provider doesn’t charge you for sending your potentially profitable email messages.

You could send your subscribers messages at least once a week if it
Makes economic sense to do so.

This brings you or your major competitors to the third potential way strategic email marketing can be or quickly become profitable for you.

3. Potential benefit # three: Let’s say to this point (for whatever reasons!) your offline business or service still isn’t quite convinced about setting up your very own paid email marketing account.

In the case of your local mom & pop bakery business. What if you or your major competitors formed some mutually beneficial JV (joint venture) partnerships with other local, non directly competing vendors.

Who do have email marketing capabilities? And on your two or X number of traditionally slowest days of the week. You allow them to send some of the best market-tested, extremely time-sensitive coupon offers to both their employees, vendors and suppliers etc.

And you give them X% simply by presenting your coupon via their phones. You’ll consistently generate a ton of new first time customers on your traditional slowest days of the week or season etc.

And a certain percentage of them will definitely convert into long term repeat customers. For literal pennies on the dollar. Don’t you agree?

Number three is a small sample of how you or your major competitors can systematically create passive income streams. Just like the ultimate insiders do. Any questions?

This is a guest post from Mark Newsome if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

Three Potentially Profitable Reasons Why Even Your Offline Business Should Be Consistently Utilizing Email Marketing Strategies And Tactics!