Three Simple Questions Asked On Engaging Can Save Lots of Time And Effort…

There have been scores of stories, texts and social media discord in the past few weeks on issues big and small, the latest being the controversy surround Enes Kanter’s “Free Tibet” shoes, which came on the two year anniversary of current Sixers GM Darryl Morrey’s comments on human rights violations in China. He texted and then detracted regarding his thoughts on the ongoing protests about Human Rights violations in Hong Kong.  The debate over these and other issues go on for days and probably weeks and even months as both go back and forth over what was proper, improper and how reactions have been handled.

While the issues play out, it comes at a time in our Columbia class we discussed the issues of speaking and taking a stance on social issues on social media. The points were originally addressed in class two years ago by Gina Antoniello, a Columbia grad who was head of communications for the XFL New York Guardians after working for Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment, the Long Island Nets and the Santa Cruz Warriors of the NBA G League and is now teaching at NYU in what has been a fast rising career, was asked about advice she has used when working with athletes or coaches or officials who are looking to have a voice in the social space.

She provided three very smart questions to ask, ones which really apply to when and how people should pause and then think about engaging.

Do I have to say it?

Does this need to be said?

Does it have to be said now?

When looking well beyond this highly volatile situation currently being played out, these three simple questions are a great litmus test for anyone engaging in an ongoing dialogue in the social space or looking for a share of voice on a topic. The answers really aren’t important as the questions themselves. The response to them is a personal choice, which everyone should have. The weighing of those answers and their consequences, large or small, are what’s worth considering.



Three Simple Questions Asked On Engaging Can Save Lots of Time And Effort…