Time to move on?

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Without the promise of big money, what is the point in Stan Kroenke keeping hold of Arsenal football club? There isn’t one in my opinion. The Arsenal squad needs investment ploughed into it but unless we win the Europa League, funds are bound to be limited. I’m not sure where the game is as far as FFP goes but even if restrictions are relaxed this summer as they were last, Kroenke is unlikely to go from trying to make a quick couple of hundred million dollars to spending millions on players. He’s probably sat at home crying into his cornflakes as by now he’ll realise he’s probably disliked by a vast amount of Arsenal fans, the media and in all likelihood, the players too. We’re a week away from a Europa Cup semi-final first leg and all Kroenke has done is cheese everyone off. Great.



For the good of Arsenal FC, Stan Kroenke should do the right thing and put the club up for sale because only ever be seen as the man who was prepared to sell Arsenal’s soul for money. Hopefully, protests planned for tomorrow evening are well attended, safely of course, and the American gets the message. ‘We don’t want him at our club’.

According to The Mirror, Vinai Venkatesham had the task of addressing Mikel Arteta, the coaching team and the players before yesterday’s training where he had to apologise for the clubs actions in relation to the Super League. True or not I don’t know but if it is, I strongly suspect that no one was particularly happy about the direction Stan Kroenke wanted to take the club. After all, it’s the player who might have been banned from playing for their respective countries, the Europa Cup and possibly the Premier League too, the very competition they moved to Arsenal to play in. It should have been Stan or Josh Kroenke dishing out the apologies, not Vinai, not unless he was all for the Super League too. If he was, he’s just as bad as the Americans.

Football needs to put this sorry affair behind it for the sake of the game but that’s easier to say than do as Perez continues to suggest the Super League could still go ahead and that clubs had signed a contract to be part of it.

But Mikel Arteta and his players need to try and move on because tomorrow night we play Everton. Aubameyang and Lacazette are ruled out as is Tierney and Luiz. Odegaard faces a late fitness test but everyone else is fit.

Right now though I’m not sure what’s more interesting, the match or the expected protest against Stan Kroenke before the game.

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Time to move on?