Titan celebrates International Women’s Month with an exclusive apparel capsule collection

Whatever The Game, Show Her Love.

In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Month, TItan offers us an exclusive apparel capsule in collaboration with female designers as well as features on select women that inspire the brand.


While you may think it may be limiting for a basketball-centric brand, Titan sees no borders with these MVPs. Whether they play sports or champion their respective fields, Titan points the spotlight on their stories throughout the month, reminding us that we need to celebrate and show love to these outstanding women.

International Women’s Month Capsule Collection

To further drive home the point this month, Titan decided to collaborate with Visual Artist & Athlete Aila Torre and Creative Directo Lari Gazmen to design the capsule collection, now available exclusively at the Titan Design Studio Custom Bar at TITAN Fort.

Mainly inspired by playing cards, Aila decks out a design that captures the boldness and unwavering passion of women in the game. Featuring a graphic of a female hooper with TITAN’s empowering #HerLoveOfTheGame mantra and basketball references all over, this serves as a statement that regardless of the way you look at it – upside down or right side up – Queens will always be Queens.

Giving off full vintage and retro championship tee vibes, this design perfectly resonates with TITAN’s celebration of Women’s Month 2022. Highlighted by the common ground that ties all types of sports and fitness enthusiasts, this one strongly sends the message: Whatever the Game, Show Her Love. Always.

BLOOM by Lari Gazmen
Taking inspiration from a rare flower called Protea, Lari puts a very unique spin on the TITAN fist as it emerges from the blooming bud. The Protea plant is known for not only surviving heat and/or fire, but actually (literally) blooming when it is exposed to them. For her, this serves as a reminder of how women, despite the challenges in whatever field, still find ways to stand out outshine the rest.

22 by Lari Gazmen
Lari puts her personal touch on TITAN’s iconic number ‘22’ by giving it a reimagined look that represents how women can be brave and vulnerable at the same time. Taking after a Columbine or Aquilegia flower – which ethnobotanists compare to either an eagle or a dove, depending on the angle from which you see it – the design is the ultimate representation of a woman’s duality.

These designs will be available in either black or white tees at the aforementioned TITAN Design Studio Custom Bar from today, March 8 to March 31. Each tee retails for Php 1,495.

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Titan celebrates International Women’s Month with an exclusive apparel capsule collection