Toy Review: MakeToys MTCD-05 Buster Skywing

MakeToys did an excellent job of differentiating this mold and really making the original, Jetfire-inspired colors pop.

Producer: MakeToys

Price: Approx. $125

Release Date: Mar. 2018

Item Height: Approx. 9″

Item Weight: N/A

Batteries: N/A


overview white

With MTCD-05 Buster Skywing takes the previously released and reviewed MTCD-05SP Buster Stealthwing and gives us the original, Jetfire-inspired deco which really does look great. With this being exactly the same in all aspects as Buster Stealthwing besides color I’m going to forgo being in-depth with the written portion of the article and let the video and gallery do the talking. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Overall Score: 8.0/10 – A solid release and I definitely like the colors on Skywing much more as a standalong figure than Stealthwing however the latter makes a much better looking armor for the Manus molds to me. There’s certainly a reason to buy both and that’s a great thing.

Check out a few pictures of these in the gallery, and if you’re interested in a MakeToys MTCD-05 Buster Skywing of your own, order one at TFSource!

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Toy Review: MakeToys MTCD-05 Buster Skywing