Transcript for Storage: How to Get your Transcript Delivered in 24 Hours

Transcript for Storage

Transcript for Storage

Fulfilling a request for academic transcript can take 30 days or more for most tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It may also require lots of stress like several physical visits to the institution. ETX-NG is out to solve this problem with an innovative Transcript for Storage feature added to their existing line-up of transcript services.

ETX-NG is a well-known transcripts delivery and verifications solutions provider that offers end to end academic credential management. Students and Alumni can request for transcript from any tertiary institution in Nigeria and it will be delivered hassle-free to any part of world in record time.

The Transcript for Storage service is a new addition that takes advantage of the company’s existing technology solutions and experience in credentials management to deliver greater value to students and alumni as well as academic credential awarding institutions and credential receiving organisations.

What is Transcript for Storage?

Transcript for Storage is a service that enables a student or alumni request that an electronic copy of their academic transcript be stored in a secure vault in the cloud administered in the issuing institution. Once stored the transcript can then be easily customized by the institution and sent to multiple recipients on demand, possibly within 24 hours of request.

To get the best result from this service, you must order for it before you need it. This ensures the transcript is already verified and safely stored in the vault ready for your instruction. In such a situation the document can be delivered faster, usually within 24 hours.

So, simply put the service is Store once, Send anytime.

How does Transcript for Storage Work?

The Transcript for Storage service is very easy to use. You order for the full request and deliver service at the ETX-NG exchange. This ensures the entire process is managed by ETX-NG for more credibility. However, you will not input any information for the recipient, instead you select that the electronic copy of the transcript be stored.

The institution will then attend to your request by preparing your transcript and generating an electronic copy of your academic transcript.

Once the electronic copy of the transcript is ready, the academic institution will then upload it to a secure credentials’ wallet powered by ETX-NG but administered by the institution.

Once stored, the transcript is now available for exchange delivery and registry sharing.

If a receiving organisation, like a company you applied for a position or an institution you applied for further studies, demands for your transcript, all you have to do is demand for the Delivery Only service.

ETX-NG will automatically generate a cover letter and notify your institution of this request. However, since your transcript is already in storage, the whole process does not need to start from scratch. The transcript is retrieved and the delivery request fulfilled in 24 hours.

Once delivered, the service will notify all parties of the successful delivery.

For more information for how to use this service, visit this page.

Issue a Transcript in less than 24 Hours

The transcript for Storage service is the engine that powers ETX-NG’s 24 hours Transcript Processing Service. The service provides a platform for institutions to generate, encrypt, sign, and deliver official electronic transcript with 24 hours.

Academic institutions that wish to offer 24 hours Transcript Processing Service as a premium offering to students and alumni who want their transcript delivered fast can subscribe for this service.

The academic institution will be provided with a secured vault where they will store raw encrypted unsigned transcripts. This platform will be provided to the institution at no cost.

Once subscribed and onboarded, the institution can then offer the 24 hours transcript delivery service to students and alumni as a premium option for those who want speedy delivery of their transcript on demand.

For this service to work well, the student and alumni should be encouraged to request for the service before they need it. This ensures that all the required verification and authentication procedures are done with, and an electronic copy of the transcript stored in the vault.

Any request that is made once the transcript is securely stored in the vault will be delivered within 24 hours.

Interested Schools should get in touch with ETX-NG, here.


With the Transcript for Storage the days of missing your deadline for delivering your transcript to requesting organisations are over. You can now make your transcript available in under 24 hours to your employer and potential employer.

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Transcript for Storage: How to Get your Transcript Delivered in 24 Hours