Trevor Williams adds pitching flexibility to the Nats roster!

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“Many times, teams set the framework for a deal at the Winter Meetings, and will wrap deals up shortly” afterwards which is what we wrote during the Winter Meetings. It looks like general manager Mike Rizzo got a pitcher to take the Washington Nationals’ money.  That acquisition is Trevor Williams who has been a starter as well as a bullpen arm. The interesting part was that there were whispers we got that Williams was talking with Rizzo. So we got a quote two days ago that seemed timely, but as he said, he wouldn’t kiss and tell (wink, wink).

Source tells us that Williams would like to start, but we will see how that works out when the deal becomes official. It is looking like it could be a two-year deal according to multiple reports and on The Athletic.

A source told us that Rizzo’s goal wanted to sign a starting pitcher before he left San Diego, and had reached out to five or six agents. While that does not seem like a lot of “reaching out”, you must remember that some agents represent more than one player that Rizzo could want. The issue is that there is immense competition from the other 29 teams, and the Nats are going to have to sell players on coming to the Washington Nationals in terms of money and/or opportunity. The Nats had been linked to Jose Quintana as well as Seth Lugo.

Here’s a video of Rizzo speaking to just what we sourced previously:

Many will remember Williams’ spot start to end his season with the Mets against the Nationals in which he went 6.0 innings of 2-run baseball to earn the win. He turns 31 in April and makes his home in San Diego. In his nine starts in 2022, he had a 4.19 ERA, and 2.47 as a reliever.

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Trevor Williams adds pitching flexibility to the Nats roster!