Hello everyone, just a quick post from me today. When this is posted Shetland Wool Week will have started which means my Tvier mitts from last years annual are now available for download from my Ravelry store!

Of course I love all my patterns but this was one i was/am particualrly fond of – I find tree motifs extremly pleasing which is probably why I love knitting and designing yokes so much! This meant when I was designing these I had to find another way to fit them in which didnt rely on the decreasing as I usually use them, I was very pleased with the final result and was very proud to have them featured in last years annual.

And the colours..yum! I used FC11 AKA the perfect green along with 1a, 125 and FC7. A perfect mix of some of my favourite colours of 2ply Jumper Weight. They (obviously) feature half fingers – something which is extremly prevelent in Shetland. The seeding pattern on the palm means you wont snag your fingers when putting them on and they keep your hands very cosy.

So if you fancied making yourself a pair you can now download the pattern! I am also thinking about a yoke inspired by these mitts..

So I will speak to you all after Shetland Wool Week! speak soon!