Unicron, Veranke and Some Other Stuff!




Welcome back everyone.  Thank you for stopping by to check out the latest TF.

Here’s a few fun one’s to hold ya over until next week when I assault mind’s with some firsts I know most of you have never seen!





This is sort of an update to my Beast Wars Special adding in Unicron who is rumored to be the villain behind Scourge and the 2nd Scourge first.


Transformers the Movie the Official Comic Adaptation

So I had to go to the source for all things Transformers @ultramaximus concerning Unicron.  i always though that his first was a simple affair but nope and I am not sure we even came to a general consensus on this.  This adaptation appears to predate everything I can find.


Transformers UK 84

This one is the more important book, first cover as a planet and origin. It is also a foreign book in mag size but you can get it pretty cheap if you don’t mind poor;y packaged, expensive shipping.



Transformers The Movie 3

And rounding these off is the first full and cover in robot form in a standard US comic.



Beast Wars The Gathering

First appearance of Predacon Scourge

I am also pretty confused by Scourge even though I tackled this last year.  There are two Scourge Transformers. The Predacon Scourge is said to be a top villain in the film but with Unicron in the mix wouldn’t that lead us towards the original Scourge?! I believe this is the first for the Scourge that is likely to appear but even that information is not fully confirmed.




New Avengers 1 Variant

First Veranke and cover for Veranke

I have to mention this one every time I see heat on Veranke’s perceived first. She also appears on the regular cover ( in shadow ).




The New Avengers 2 ( 20015 )

First appearance of Moridun

This guy isn’t currently relevant but I am sucker for Lovecraftian firsts.

First Cover




This section is reserved for all the other stuff I am looking for this week. True Firsts may or may not appear.



These CBLDF issues are actually kind of tough to track down. Here the three I want.



Voltron 1 ( Variant )2004

This Dan Jolley Variant from 2004 is a book I am actively scouring the Earth for.  There sure aren’t a lot of Voltron covers like this one.




Copicopia 95

Usagi on the cover of a rare fanzine is never a bad idea




Punisher 1 ( MK 1998 ) Variant

Possibly the worst Punisher series ever but this cover still stands out.

Here I edited the regular cover for this series and I believe I found a use for that crappy new logo.



Creepy Things 6

Giant spiders about to eat sleeping babes is a must for my horror collection.



Marvel Age 23

Come on, how can you not want this?!




New avengers 5 ( 2016 )

I am a huge fan of these characters and this cover. Their first occurred elsewhere but this is a must own.


See ya next week!


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Unicron, Veranke and Some Other Stuff!