Ustaz Criticised For Telling Women Not To Demand Much Dowry If Menstrual Cycle Irregular

Women go through their menstrual cycle once a month along with other complications such as cramps and mood swings.

But what everyone needs to know is that not every woman has the same monthly cycle. It is dependent on many factors and it is totally normal to have an unstable or irregular menstrual cycle.

However, a religious practitioner believes otherwise and thinks that women are valued less if they were to have an irregular menstrual cycle.

His belief has unsurprisingly invited backlash.

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The Twitter post was of a screenshot of a conversation that had been circulating on Facebook. Twitter user, Terry decided to repost it with the intention of spreading awareness on the issue.

Based on the conversation, a woman shared her experience of undergoing a marriage course where a religious practitioner informed the men that a woman having irregular period means that she is unable to conceive a child.

The woman then asked her fiancé that if he would leave her if she was unable to bear a child.

“I’m sick and tired of the pressure. I don’t want having a child be the only key to happiness in a marriage.”

Sick and tired of the pressure, she said that women are not objects as it looks like when there’s any “defect“, the only choice is to totally reject or “sell at half price“.


Twitter users are enraged!

The tweet received quite an audience with 5,100 retweets and 4,200 likes.

“That ustaz still living in 18th century.”

One user even cynically asked if the ustaz was a medicine graduate for him to make such a conclusion.

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People shared their experience

A number of Twitter users decided to share their own experiences when it came to infertility in marriage.

“Her aunt’s mother-in-law told her son to file a divorce since her aunt was infertile and is unable to provide a child.”

Another user even shared her experience where she told her partner she had endometriosis, only for the partner to respond with, “So you can’t get pregnant?”

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One user even mentioned how people now try so hard to follow their partner’s expectation and when one is not fulfilled, most just say goodbye.

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Irregular period cycles are NORMAL

Twitter users also proceeded to spread awareness by explaining that plenty of women have irregular period cycles.

“A lot of factors can lead to it, and also speaking about hormones, it can be very tricky.”

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You can checkout the full tweet here:


Marriage should be based on love and mutual understanding. Matters can always be discussed, so lets not point fingers to only 1 party. It takes 2 to tango. 


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Ustaz Criticised For Telling Women Not To Demand Much Dowry If Menstrual Cycle Irregular