Uttar Pradesh: Muslim man becomes ‘Raju’ to abduct a 15-year-old Hindu girl, convert her to Islam, arrested

Muslim man in UP arrested in Love Jihad case

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Grooming Jihad (Love Jihad) cases have been on the rise in the country even as “liberals” continue to deny its existence. In one such recent case, the Kasganj Police in Uttar Pradesh has arrested a youth for allegedly trapping a Hindu minor girl by posing as a Hindu boy and later forcing her to convert to Islam.

According to the reports, a 15-year-old girl studying in class 10 was kidnapped by a Muslim in Amanpur locality of Kasganj, after which the girl’s family members lodged a complaint against him at the police station. The Muslim man posed as a Hindu boy named Raju to trick the girl and abducted her while she was on her way to the school.

Later, a video appeared on social media that showed a girl in a black burqa confessing her love for the Muslim man (Raju) who abducted her. The 15-year-old girl in the video that went viral said that she was in a relationship with ‘Raju’ for the past 7 years and that they trusted each other. “He (Raju as in the video) loves me more than my parents love me. We want to get married. I have no problem getting married to him”, she said looking at the person above the camera as if she was being instructed to say so.

In action, Kasganj SP Rohan Pramod Botre, after lodging the official complaint, immediately ordered to form several teams in search of the Muslim man and put his mobile on surveillance. As a result of this the Muslim and the minor teenager were recovered within 24 hours. It is further reported that the family members and the Hindu Yuva Vahini Sangathan in Amanpur have demanded strict action against the Muslims who trick, cheat and then exploit Hindu girls.

Kasganj SP Rohan Pramod Botre said that a case has been registered based on the complaint of the minor girl’s father and the Muslim man has been arrested. “Action is being taken to send him to jail”, he added.

Meanwhile, Manoj Solanki of the Hindu Yuva Vahini Sangathan said that the matter of love jihad is serious and needs attention. “By changing the name, the so-called peacekeepers pin on the daughters of Hindus and exploit them. Nothing happens in the name of action. The last case was of Altaf. How many organizations actually stood up for the girl? Sympathy was for Altaf but no one stood up for the girl child”, he said.

Last month, a Muslim man named Altaf had kidnapped a 22-year-old Hindu girl in Kasganj. He was picked up for questioning on a complaint by the girl’s family and was charged under Sections 363 (kidnapping) and 366 (kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel her marriage) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Altaf was found dead at the police station on November 9. Police claimed that he had hanged himself with a drawstring from the hood of his jacket, using a water pipe in a toilet that is a couple of feet from the ground.

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Uttar Pradesh: Muslim man becomes ‘Raju’ to abduct a 15-year-old Hindu girl, convert her to Islam, arrested