FT 77: style over substance ASM55

When does the substance of a comic not matter at all?

This is the case of Amazing Spider-man 55, very few people have read the story or are even aware that the book was the epilogue of the Last Remains story. From all reports, Nick Spencer’s run on Amazing Spiderman has not been very popular. Spider-man sells because it’s Spiderman. I get it in my pull but I haven’t read a book since issue 22. Spencer has had a long run on Spiderman, but will it be remembered as an iconic run, I don’t think so. Everyone compares this book to Detective Comics 880, but That book was part of Scott Snyder and Jock doing Batman. Even if I didn’t love the cover I still would own it because of the pair of creators.

Spencer introduced a bad guy which took 50 issues to get to the less than exciting reveal of Kindred. Patrick Gleason hopped on to do the Last Remans story and many of his covers were okay, but then this image dropped for the end of the Last Remains. Spidey fans and non-Spidey fans began talking about this book. All the new comic speculators saw a way to spend their money on a quick flipbook. I have seen multiple posts showing people with 10-20 copies. eBay is flooded with copies, but people are still clamoring for more. I give Gleason credit he knew he had hit cover and capitalized. Instead of selling the virgin version off to some store, he decided to sell it himself and then split some copies with Scott’s Collectibles to cover overseas. I know I ordered a few. If they turn out in good shape then these will be worth the investment.

People started trying to guess what the 2nd print would be. It’s not surprising, but think for a moment a comic with nothing notable inside is specced on for the cover that will probably end up with double the orders of previous issues of Amazing Spider-man. It then gets a 2nd print with a 1:50 variant that are just color swaps. The second print is rumored to have more orders than the first, which inevitably will be followed by a third print that might “glow-in-the-dark or black light”. Gleason made money the first time so why not try again and people have lined up the second print virgin sold out faster than the first.

Let the Homages begin

This where it gets interesting, anytime there is an iconic cover the Do You Pooh and Hardly Thinn books come out quickly to capitalize on the trend and this was no exception. There is a great Amazing Sycophant cover and a Venomous Ponies cover too, and many more.

Homaging Himself

Patrick didn’t want to miss out on the homages of his own book so he decided to do a Venom exclusive which sold out instantly for Venom 33 and then he is also using the concept for a cover of Carnage which you can put your orders in for before FOC with your LCS.

Wrap Up

What does this all mean? I can’t fault any artist for making money. I can’t stop you from buying the book, but I will caution you from betting on any of these Gleason covers netting you a nest egg for a house. In 10 years maybe people will look back on this ASM run and deem it an essential story arc with this issue being the penultimate issue. Those of you who bought 20-30 copies hoping to sell half off at $50 apiece how many of those will have return requests or damages. I will pre-order the Carnage maybe two copies, but investing $3-$5 a pop in order to flip for $10-$15 is too much work for me.

Has there ever been a book to come out to homaged this many times this quickly?

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FT 77: style over substance ASM55