[AD] Homeschooling Through Lockdown With Help From The Maths Factor

It’s coming up to the 12 month anniversary of when lockdown started in the UK and the last year has been tough on families. We have had to adjust our lives in so many ways. Nowadays working from home has become the new normal and having children running around while you are on a zoom meeting is just accepted. Strangely in some ways we have become a more patient, tolerant society because of it.

With all these changes that we have had to make, the single biggest change that has impacted many families is homeschooling. When you actually work out how much of the last 12 months our children have not been in school for it’s actually really scary. It has been a very difficult adjustment for our children but also parents like myself who have had to learn how to homeschool – it has at times been a very trying experience for both my children and myself. There have been meltdowns and not only from my twin girls! I have to admit I have definitely had my moments too. The main reason being that I am not a trained teacher and there have been times where I simply didn’t understand their schoolwork and this was most obvious when it came to maths.

I always considered myself quite good at maths. It was easily my best subject when I was at school, but the teaching of maths has completely changed since I was at school. I was at times completely confused at how the girls did their maths and this would cause an element of tension between us.

Making learning fun for my 8 year old twin girls is really important to us as a family. We are great believers that if they are enjoying the learning process then they will learn more and retain any information they have learnt.

I’ve recently started Carol Vorderman and learning company Pearson’s online maths school, The Maths Factor, as I thought it looked like the perfect learning tool for my twins, and hopefully I would pick up a few tips along the way too. 

What is The Maths Factor?

The Maths Factor is the brainchild of TV host and mathematician Carol Vorderman. She created it in 2010, and during the first lockdown it helped over half a million children worldwide with all of their maths learning.

Families are able to have three weeks access completely free. ‘Aunty Carol’ (as kids describe her) will help your children with free weekly lessons and tips to help your children not only learn but have fun while learning maths.

My twin girls definitely have different learning styles and The Maths Factor was perfect because it’s filled with thousands of fun and interactive games. It will first of all make learning fun and then more importantly it will build their maths’ confidence.

The Maths Factor is for children aged 4-12 and it’s matched to the National Curriculum so it will keep children on track, build their confidence and advance their progress by up to 25 months.

As I have already mentioned you can get 3 weeks free access to The Maths Factor at the moment, but Pearson and Carol are committed to making The Maths Factor as affordable as possible. The monthly subscription cost has been halved and now only costs £4.99 a month. They are also reaching out to UK charities to help those families that need it the most and will be able to get free access as required.

Our thoughts on The Maths Factor

My eight-year-old twin girls definitely learn at different speeds so the fact that they had their own profiles was very important. Once you input their information to create their profile, setting up was very easy. You first of all set it up as a parent and then add your children. When you input your children’s information such as school year etc, The Maths Factor automatically works out the level for their age. This can be changed if it’s too easy or too difficult to suit your child. For me this was so important so that they enjoyed the experience of The Maths Factor. One of my twins definitely finds maths much easier than the other and so it was important that it wasn’t so difficult that they couldn’t do it. This would have resulted in them not enjoying The Maths Factor. Thankfully as you will see that didn’t happen.

Once the girls signed into their profiles for the first time, there is an introduction and videos explaining the process, which are presented by Aunty Carol.

From here you then start your journey and this is all via The Maths Factor Park.

The girls started on the daily session, which was the 7 times table module. They answered the questions about the 7 times tables of which there were 24 questions. If they got one or more wrong they were able to go back at the end and try it again. Prior to doing the exercise Aunty Carol would show clever tricks to help, as well as tips to solve the questions. They could also practice and have a warm up prior to starting the lesson. Both the girls loved this and found it very useful.

In The Maths Factor park there is a challenge stone and the tower of achievements so the girls can see how they are progressing. There is also after school clubs and winter clubs.

The section that both the girls loved the most was the games centre. All the games are based on addition, subtraction or multiplication. This is a fantastic way to encourage their maths confidence and also improve their problem-solving. They particularly liked marching madness and balloon pop addition, and I was particularly impressed that the more they did it the quicker they got. Many of the games are locked but as they achieve better results more games unlock that they can try.

The Maths Factor Park was really easy to navigate for the girls and they quickly learnt how to up the level if they were finding it a bit easy and vice-versa if they were struggling they could come down a level. Once they had completed something I was emailed with results, which was good to see how they were doing.

I would highly recommend The Maths Factor to other parents to help their children improve their mathematics skills. It’s fun and there is no doubt when something is fun you learn quicker and easier. It is explained in small parts so the girls didn’t have to take too much in too quickly and as they go through the levels they are rewarded with certificates. Carol Vorderman communicates brilliantly and there is no doubt I have already seen a dramatic difference with the girls when it comes to maths. Their confidence grows every time they go on to The Maths Factor.

It compliments homeschooling perfectly, but even when lockdown has finished we will be carrying on with The Maths Factor as their maths is just getting better and better.

This is, in our opinion as a family, a fantastic platform that will help enormously with the girls’ maths learning and take their mathematics skills to the next level. So why not try it out? 

To find out more about The Maths Factor and get your first three weeks free, visit: themathsfactor.com/nigel/ 

This is a paid collaboration with The Maths Factor. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. I was gifted a 6 month subscription for both the girls for the purpose of this review.

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[AD] Homeschooling Through Lockdown With Help From The Maths Factor