Cast On Winter 2019-2020: A Review

Today we're going to have a look at designs in the Winter 2019-2020 issue of Cast On.

Buttoned Up Rib Pillow. This is a machine knitting pattern, though it could easily be made manually. While I like the tartan stripe and the beaded and ribboned lace flap in themselves, I'm finding the combination of all these elements a little too fussy, but of course one could always omit whatever detail(s) one thought was too much.

Cable Panel Skirt. Knitted skirts have a most unfortunate tendency to be dowdy, and I'm afraid this one might be one such. I'd want to see this design on an actual person before I ventured to make it.

Calypso's Crescent. This is pretty enough, though there are more interesting and sophisticated colour choices for it.

Caret Tunic. Not bad for a warm, comfortable, "live in while around home during winter" sweater, but I'm not sure I care for those very long side vents, and I suspect the presence of a mullet hem.

Color Joy Mittens. These would be good stash busters.

Davos. A classic and very attractive turtleneck. That collar sits well and the shaping is good.

Entrelac Neck Pillow. This looks the kind of awkward little misfit cushion all the other sofa throw cushions would make fun of and ostracize.

Faux Pleat Skirt. This skirt has really nice lines and hangs so well. It deserved more elegant buttons than these.

Keyholes Scarf. I rather like the design, but the colourway is more than a little retina-searing.

Lily Armenian Sweater. The combination of triangles/argyle-like patterns and lilies is such an odd mish-mash of motifs that the resulting sweater just looks a bit bizarre.

Lily of the Valley. Not bad. I think it would need to be worn over a top if made in wool, unless one knitted it in cotton for summer.

Muscle T-shirt. This designed to be a form-fitting top for men, but I can't quite imagine any of the men I know being willing to wear such a thing. Admittedly, there is a sad lack of fashion-forward and ripped men in my life.

Pleated Lace Cardigan. Very attractive piece. That back pleat detail is quite striking.

Quinn. This is a combination of brioche and entrelac technique, so if you like a technical challenge and the fun out of picking out an interesting colourway, this could be the project for you.

Reversible Knitweave Placemat Set. These look like they came from a trendy homewares store and will give your table that expensive artsy bohemian look.

S'mores Cowl. Lovely -- both the design and that soft, subtle colourway are pleasing.

Slip Stitch "Cable" Hat. Nice! I like the polished look of the slipped stitch band, which is a cut above the typical ribbing.

Square Buttoned Entrelac Pillow. I don't care for this -- it has such a crude, slapped-together look -- but I might as well admit I'm not a fan of entrelac in general, because it does have a strong tendency to look that way.

Super Bingo Top. This pullover is pretty blah and shapeless. To be fair, it would probably look a bit better on a model it actually fit, but it's hardly anything to write home about.

Tessera Cowl. Attractive and even somewhat eye-catching.

Triangular Shawl. This is quite an exquisite piece of work, and looks like something that belongs on one of the Brontë heroines. I don't think I could make it work with my wardrobe, but I'm sure there are women out there who love a little flavour of mid-Victoriana in their accessories. Pro-tip: if you should make this for yourself and meet up with a Rochester or a Heathcliff while wearing it, keep looking. You can do better.

Cast On Winter 2019-2020: A Review