Vader’s Castle, MIND MGMT, Mushishi, Micro-Face and More!




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Rogue One 4

First appearance of Vader’s castle and Vanee ( cover only for Vanee )

Thank Obi for making this one stand out. I was surprised to see that n one had this first anywhere.  The castle appears here and that is actually Vanee on the cover making this his first too.




3 Stories: Secret Files of the Giant Man

Recent news from Matt Kindt should put this preview first on your radar considering the prices for Dai Kamikaze 1. Even though that book is not actually a first or a first cover it predates issue 1 from Now and is seeing heat.  This one has seen some love on and off for some time but always seems to be forgotten.



Afternoon March 1999 ( one-shot ) and the November issues starts the serialized chapters

First appearance of mushishi

This week’s manga selection is Mushishi from Yuki Urushibara. First appearing in Kodasha’s Afternoon,  it was later collected into tankobon whose volumes can command a pretty penny. Below is a screen shot of a current auction and those are some astronomical prices.




The Mysterious Micro-Face

First modern Micro-Face

I was surprised to see no one talking about this one yet. Head on over to Ebay to see what all the fuss is about. It’s only at around 8 grand!

Clue Comics 1

First appearance of Micro-Face

Now in the public Domain NPR’s revival of Micro-Face is kind of awesome.

You can also get a copy of issue 1 here



Sonic the Comic 21

First appearance of Amy Rose

it looks like Amy might be coming to Sonic 3 along with Shadow! Good luck finding this with the spinner or at all!




This section is reserved for all the other stuff I am looking for this week. True Firsts may or may not appear.


Grendel 32.

For all the foot lovers out there this might be one of the most disgusting covers i have ever seen!



Good luck finding these sealed Cad bane key books with his bounty hunter toys too! Here is one of a few to look for.




The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 1 Skottie Young Variant

People are finally snagging the best Skottie young variants. I am not a huge fan but this one is money and still pretty cheap compared to many other Skottie variants.


Thor GOT 12

First time we learn that Jane Foster has cancer.

I have mentioned this in the past but renewed interest thanks to some trailers puts it back on my list.



The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ( with comic exclusive )

As the Mutliverse is now firmly established the idea of firsts outside of the 616 is much more palpable for collectors. Don’t overlook this one.


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Vader’s Castle, MIND MGMT, Mushishi, Micro-Face and More!