Vetstoria SmartLinks just got smarter with iRecall®

Vetstoria SmartLinks Update

Automatically prioritise recalls that are most urgent with the latest update to Vetstoria’s SmartLink feature.

What is a SmartLink?

Vetstoria SmartLinks are auto-generated unique links that are embeddable in any digital communication sent to clients (email and SMS reminders for example).

When a pet owner clicks on one of these links it prefills information (including appointment type, pet owner details, and patient details), making it even easier for them to book appointments online with your practice.

With the latest update to SmartLinks vaccination due-dates have been added, giving you the ability to control, depending on how overdue a vaccination is, the availability that pet owners see when booking online.

For example, a pet owner that is 90+ days overdue for vaccination could see appointments available this week, whereas an owner of a pet that is a week or two overdue will see availability three-weeks from now.

The control is with you to determine the availability – but this is an incredibly powerful way to automate the management of your recalls and reminders.

Vaccination Reminders with SmartLinks and iRecall®

Veterinary practices that use both Vetstoria and iRecall® can reduce admin workload while also improving sales and compliance by sending out vaccination reminders to clients with SmartLinks included.

With the addition of due-dates, the benefits for Vetstoria and iRecall® customers go further.

You can now define custom availability rules, based on how overdue a vaccination is, within Vetstoria. This allows your practice to automatically prioritise those most overdue patients to be seen sooner when the vaccination is most critical.

More about iRecall® Vaccination Reminders

iRecall® provides your practice with the tools to remind 100% of your clients, 100% of the time with timely prompts to book online at a time that suits the client. With SMS, email, and post reminders, you can be sure to reach all your clients with important reminders. SMARTdelivery provides you with complete visibility of which clients have received messages and most importantly means you’ll have the best odds of reaching every client, every time, fully automatically.

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Vetstoria SmartLinks just got smarter with iRecall®