Video of the Week :: Dakar 2022 Coverage All in One Place

Saudi Arabia’s annual Dakar race has started and as always, the event is packed full of adventure and intrigue—including a not so favorable caught-on-video display of mean sportsmanship between Toyota driver Giniel De Villiers when he hit and almost ran over rider Cesar Zumaran while the latter was stopped with bike issues. That video can be seen on ADV Pulse’s Instagram page.

For this Video of the Week post, I want to help navigate the sometimes vague way of finding all the coverage for Dakar 2022.

First, there’s the Dakar webpage. Here, you’ll see race summaries, videos, and live news.

Especially exciting this year is the Dakar app. I’ve been hearing favorable feedback on the app, which keeps its audience updated with a real-time tracking module and all the latest videos and coverage of the race itself.

For extended highlights only, the Dakar YouTube channel is your best bet.

Haven’t heard of the Dakar Rally? Find out more here.

In the past, looking for free coverage of the Dakar event has been a bit of a merry-go-round. I hope this post makes it easier for you to follow this thrilling race!

Here’s the most updated video from the Dakar YouTube channel as of Jan. 6.

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Video of the Week :: Dakar 2022 Coverage All in One Place