Video Showcase: Space Marine Heroes Series 1

I thought celebrating 10 years of Tale of Painters would be the perfect occasion to finally make one of the announcements from my 2021 hobby resolutions come true and launch my YouTube channel with my first ever video: an epic showcase for my Space Marine Heroes collection. Feast your eyes on this.

I always wanted to make my own videos and looked enviously at Garfy’s video editing skills. In my job, I’ve supervised a few video and TV commercial projects, but I’ve never done the production myself. Encouraged by Garfy, during the pandemic I finally found the time to learn video editing myself.

And here is the result. A showcase video for my Space Marine Heroes collection, of course inspired by all the trailers from Games Workshop. I would be very happy about your likes and subscriptions!

I hope to provide you with more and more video content in the future, and soon have video tutorials and reviews up and running. If you want to support me, so I can invest in better video equipment and do this more regularly, then check out my Patreon, and in the meantime have a look at Garfy’s channel, which has already a lot of great hobby videos including a mind-blowing trick to clean the lids of stuck Citadel paint pots.

Now on YouTube: Space Marine Heroes Series 1 Showcase

I hope you like my first video, leave me a comment, and until then, happy hobbying!

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Video Showcase: Space Marine Heroes Series 1