Vintage Toy Cars, Mugs and American Girl Finds

Between some traveling and not many sourcing opportunities this February, I have only a small amount of finds to share. I have picked up some interesting mugs at the thrift store. I noticed two planet themed mugs for $1. One was for Mars and another was for Mercury. When I looked at the bottom both were marked Waechtersbach which can be a profitable brand. The only ones I see that are currently listed are a set of 7 different planet mugs for $280. I have listed mine separately. I am hoping for $40 on each of these.

Two other mugs I picked up are this Vera Bradley Holiday Owls mug and a Cincinnati Bengals NFL mug. I hoping for between $15 and $20 on these mugs.

Hanging in a bag on the toy wall at a thrift store, I spotted these outfits for $2.50. One is the “Meet Dress” for the American Girl doll Cecile. The other is a pretty red American Girl party dress. I am hoping for $12 on each of these.

I attended one estate sale where I had viewed the photos the night before. I spotted some items that I thought would be good, depending on the prices. I saw some old toys cars in a glass case (usually a sign that items will be marked high) and a Catherineholm pan. I had to work in the morning but rushed over as soon as I could. The Catherineholm pan was gone but the toy cars were still there. The price was a little high, at $15 each. I bought three cars for $40. The cars include a Dinky “Joe’s Car”, a Corgi Batmobile and a Dinky ambulance. Since the Batmobile comes with Batman and Robin figures and the ambulance comes with a patient on a gurney, I think I will do OK. The Joe’s Car is in poor condition with a corroded battery compartment and wings that don’t pop out. I am hoping for $70 on the Batmobile and $30 on the ambulance. I don’t know what to price the Joe’s Car for yet. I also picked up a Fire King jadeite bowl for $5. These are not as sought after as they used to be but I am hoping to get between $15 and $20 for this 9″ mixing bowl.

Still having some fun in this dreary winter weather! Counting down the days until spring!!

Vintage Toy Cars, Mugs and American Girl Finds