Vogue Pattern 1802

I’m swinging now in one of the most fun dresses I’ve ever made!

One of the things I’ve sorely missed over the last year and a half was real in-person inspiration. Last week I visited a lovely boutique and tried on a swing dress with a tie back in four different colors, but it was the red one that jolted my memory.

Yes…..wait a minute…… Carlos has designed a very similar pattern, I remembered!! So, thanks to Carlos Correa at Vogue Patterns, I was able to make my own. Follow his fabulous Instagram feed here.

The pattern is Vogue 1802, and the dress is offered in two versions.


Throughout my life I’ve never worn the classic trapeze silhouette, because I  thought I was too short to pull off the look, and the RTW dresses swallowed me. As we wrote in A Stylish Guide to Classic Sewing, most women can wear nearly every silhouette if the fit and proportions are correct.

I decided to take my own advice (page 61) and reduce the sweep of the bodice to avoid being dwarfed. Starting at the bust, I began to taper the fit eventually removing  10 inches from the sweep, but as you can tell there is plenty of fullness and shape left in the silhouette.

The weight of the ruffle slightly straightens the flair of the silhouette which also works in my favor being 5’2″.

By the way, I love the tie. The pattern shows it tied into a bow. I simply lapped the ties, knowing my hair would get in the way. It’s no bother and adds a nice detail to the dress.

The tie, the ruffle, the bold print and billowing dress silhouette dictated minimal styling. I’ve made the dress to wear to two weddings so I added a little sparkle. (similar accessories below)

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I lined the bodice of the dress with a polyester lining. Though the pattern is unlined, the boutique dresses were lined and I wanted to dress it up. This time as opposed to my last dress….. I was able to easily attach the lining to the armholes by machine since the neckline remained open until I attached the ties.

Many thanks to all readers who offered advice for lining sleeveless armholes on the machine! I’ve got some great tips to try and will be in touch with some of you who offered to further enlighten me..

My fabric is from Textile Fabrics in Nashville TN. The lovely ladies of the Nashville ASG took me fabric shopping and I immediately knew this fabric would one day be a party dress. 😊 The fabric is a woven polyester with stretch. Textile Fabrics does not have an online store but offers fabric samples and mail order services. To my Nashville readers ….. please let me know if this fabulous place ever opens an online store!!!

Speaking of ASG, I look forward to speaking at the Baltimore ASG Annual Meeting in October – beautiful evidence of light at the end of the tunnel!

Until soon 😊😊

My Summer Favorites….

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Vogue Pattern 1802