Michelle Duncan


Michelle Duncan, age 18, was last seen in Los Angeles on November 4, 1984.

Michelle, also known as Shelly, had lived in the Stockton, California area with her family, but traveled to Southern California with Steven Angle.  It’s not clear whether they were married, but they had a son together.

On the day of Michelle’s disappearance, she called her mother, telling her that she was afraid of a man she knew and asked to be picked up.

Michelle was never heard from again.

Many things about this case are unclear.  Firstly, it’s never been stated whether Michelle’s mother lived in Los Angeles at the time, or if she was still in Northern California.  If she lived in Stockton, it would have been about a six hour drive to get to where Michelle was.

It’s also not known who Michelle was fearful of, or whether she was at home or at a pay phone when she made that call.  Was this person with her at the time?  Was she in a public place?

After looking through the archives of the Los Angeles Times, I found no mention of her disappearance.  I honestly wasn’t too surprised, LAPD is particularly bad about not publicizing their missing persons.  Most cases from that time period in their jurisdiction got no publicity at all.

Michelle has a sister, her son, and many friends who continue to search for answers.

Someone has to know what happened to this mother – or at least what part of Los Angeles she lived in, where she might have worked, or what was going on in her life.  Finding people who knew her during her time in Los Angeles could lead to clues as to what might have happened to her.  Her son deserves that.


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Michelle Duncan