May Theme Challenge – Butterflies

Please note the new procedure for our theme challenges at the end of this post!

Who doesn’t love a butterfly! That’s why I chose this theme for May! There are fossilized butterflies that exist from the Paleocene era (56 million years ago)! According to Wiki, there are over 18,500 species of butterflies found on every continent except Antarctica. This gorgeous butterfly woodblock is by Xiu Xi from the Song Dynasty c. 970.

Many butterflies migrate thousands of miles – in particular, the American Monarch butterfly overwinters in Mexico. You can read the wiki about butterflies. The featured photo in this post is a project I made with one of Jenny Davies-Reazor’s butterfly cabs! I’m sure if you want one, you can contact her and she’d oblige!

I put together a pinterest board for some inspiration for your projects. You have so many mediums to choose from to complete your project!

I hope you’ll join us!


From now on, we will be using our new FaceBook group – Art Elements Community – for all challenges.  (Please ask to join if you’re not already a member and answer the three short questions – please only use your personal page to join.)  There will be an album set up in that group specific to each challenge. Go to the Photos section, then Albums, and for this challenge, post in Butterfly Theme Challenge. This is a link to the album. You can post works in progress, finished photos, teaser shots, etc. All commenting for the challenge will be done through the Community page in the album. There is no deadline – work at your pace and post any time during the month! If you wish to write a blog post with your reveal, feel free to add a link to your blog post when you share your theme challenge piece in the album.  All Art Elements team members will be commenting on photos in the album as it is no longer a blog hop. Please only post items in the album relevant to the theme challenge, thank you!

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May Theme Challenge – Butterflies