EXCLUSIVE: Arvind Vaidya on Rupali Ganguly’s transformation from Monisha to Anupama: It has been beautiful

Rupali Ganguly is popularly known for playing Monisha in Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, and the titular role in the ongoing hit TV show, Anupama. While Ruplai is the common factor between these two shows, there is another actor who’s connected to them. Actor Arvind Vaidya who had played Madhusudhan Fufa in Sarabhai, plays Rupali’s onscreen father-in-law Hasmukh Shah in Anupama. The show has consistently been raking number one on the TRP charts since the last few months. Needless to say, Vaidya is elated. 

“It feels amazing. If you win seven crore from Amitach Bachchan’s show (Kaun Banega Crorepati), how will you feel? And then if you are told that you would continue winning seven crores in every episode, one would feel even more joyous. It’s the same with Anupama. We have consistently been at the top spot, and that naturally feels great. However, now what’s more important is to maintain that spot, as our responsibility towards our audience has increased too,” says Vaidya. 

He says that he really enjoys shooting for the show, and gets along well with the entire cast and crew. Vaidya informs that Rupali always tells him that a sequence with him doesn’t feel like a scene, but it’s more of a conversation. “We don’t act. Also, Rupali and other actors from Sarabhai would often meet at someone’s residence, usually it would be at JD Majethia or Aatish Kapadia’s house. In fact, even today JD calls me Bapuji, and so does Rupali,” the actor remembers fondly. 

Vaidya reveals that he calls Rupali ‘bandya’. “I call my daughter Vandana Pathak ‘bandya’  which means son in Marathi. So I call Rupali by the same name too,” he asserts.  

He recalls the time when Rupali and he had met at producer Rajan Shahi’s office for Anupama. “When I was told about her, I was taken aback. I wondered that she was known for Monisha, how will she play Anupama as it requires a massive transformation. But I must admit her transformation has been beautiful, which also shows how good an actor she is. You can feel the range. I am so proud of her,” smiles Vaidya. 

He is also all praise for his onscreen son Sudhanshu Pandey, who plays Vanraj Shah. “Every day when Sudhanshu comes on set he touches my feet. So the other day, I was so impressed by one of his scenes that I went to his room and told him that I wanted to touch his feet too. He was naturally surprised. There are some scenes where one is expected to get into the skin of the character, and he did it so well,” Vaidya signs off.

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Pic Credit: Rupali Ganguly / Instagram
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EXCLUSIVE: Arvind Vaidya on Rupali Ganguly’s transformation from Monisha to Anupama: It has been beautiful