Late Autumn Color in our Garden


                                                            Hello everyone,

                                            I wanted to share a few final autumn
                                            garden shots before moving on to a
                                            different season.
                                                 I took this shot of our home last
                                            week as we drove in our driveway 
                                            I was struck by the beautiful autumn
                                            light on the last of the fall colors.

Hydrangeas look beautiful
even in October.
The beautiful deep pink ones
are strawberry vanilla and
the softer ones are limelight.

A pumpkin in the urn with
Euonymus Alutus or burning
bush puts on a great show in autumn.

Lots of yellows and rusts in
our garden now.

I love this birdhouse that I found for a few
dollars at a local thrift store.It was
already painted for me!


Another burning bush.

The oak tree and maples give beautiful]
autumn color as well.

Late blooming monkshood.

Another shot of our home with
fall color.

It is mild but very windy here
today so I think many of the leaves
will have fallen by morning and
the garden will be bare until the
snow arrives.

Thank you for visiting.


Late Autumn Color in our Garden