Waaagh Scrivs meets the Death Wing

Thursday evening saw Matt and I playing 40K again. Last time we played Matt shot me to pieces with his Crimson Fists so I hid to win the game on objectives. This time he had bought his Dark Angels Death Wing and we would be fielding 1000pt forces.

Matt had a Chaplain, six Angels of Death thingies, one large squad of Terminators that he chose to break into two and a squad of Terminators with hammers, shields etc. I had my Warboss in Mega-armour, two mobs of 10 Beast Snaggas, one mob of 10 Grots, one mob of 6 Nobs, two mobs of 3 Deff Kopters and a Deff Dredd 

We rolled up the Divide and Conquer scenario. Matt elected to deep strike with his Chaplain and Angels of Death while I put everything on the table.

Matt won the first turn roll-off and elected to let me move first, I moved out to snag objectives. The Deffkopters plastered his Terminators and Matt made seven three-plus saves, this would become a pattern. I War-pathed my Nobs and then Da Jumped them behind the Terminators on my right. 

Skorch, charge, crump, crump, crump and a single unsaved wound, bugger, return strikes saw the Nobs all mashed up. I also buffed the Deff Dredd and tried to join this combat, but, needing 10+ on 3d6 with a reroll failed, buggeration!

Matt did not have a lot of shooting, so his fist turn just saw some wounds piled onto the Deff Dredd. 

Normally in my second turn I'd declare Waaagh, but as the Angels of Death had yet to appear and me being quite a way away it was not worth it. The Deff Kopters continue their onslaught against the Terminators, again Matt makes a bucket load of 3+ saves!

Turn two and the Angels of Death beam down and manage to make a 9" charge against my Warboss, who fortunately makes his saves and stays in the fight. More desultory fire from the Terminators.

Turn three and it's time to Waaagh! 

I've not caused a wound since the Nobs messed up their charge in turn one, and the next wound is inflicted by a Grotblaster! The Deffkopters also finally come good when they dispatch two Terminators with their Rokkits, but they really should have been doing at this rate every turn since the first turn.

The Warboss is joined in combat by a couple of units of Beast Snaggas, but my Weirdboy fails his Perils of the Warp and puts three mortal wounds on himself!

I thin out the Angels of Death a bit, but "Mace boy" cuts a swathe through one of the mobs. 

By turn four it's pretty much over, the inability to thin their ranks in the first few round tells and the writing is on the wall, by the end of the Deathwing phase there are no Orks left on the table and Matt secures a solid victory.

Thanks to Sam for the photos, I hardly took any and what I did came out rubbish.

Source: scrivsland

Waaagh Scrivs meets the Death Wing