Chris Lopez: Kailyn Lowry Gave Me PTSD!

In addition to being a reality TV star, Kailyn Lowry hosts two podcasts, and she's authored multiple memoirs.

So you might think the market for content about the life and times of Kailyn Lowry would be pretty well-saturated at this point.

But get ready for a brand new perspective, because Chris Lopez has decided to hop on the gravy train with a podcast of his own!

Kailyn and Her Family

As you're probably aware, Chris is the father of Kail's two youngest kids.

And describing their relationship as tumultuous would be like referring to the Covid pandemic as a minor inconvenience.

Kailyn has a restraining order against Chris; Chris has had Kail arrested for allegedly assaulting him ... it's a whole mess.

Lopez, Chris

In fact, Chris says his relationship with Kail was so awful that it gave him PTSD.

Speaking of PTSD, that's the name of Chris' new podcast!

Although as Lopez and his co-host "Bread" note in their debut episode, the acronym doesn't stand for "post-traumatic stress disorder" in this case.

Chris Lopez and Lux! Together!

Instead, the full title is Pressure Talks with Single Dads, and as Chris and Bread tell their listeners, the show will focus on “fatherhood, personal experiences, and sports."

Explaining the title, Chris later reiterated his claim that Kail gave him PTSD, though he admits he doesn’t “know if that’s real.”

We're sure actual PTSD sufferers appreciate the flippancy with which he talks about the illness.

Chris Lopez With Baby Lux

Anyway, The Ashley of The Ashley's Reality Roundup fame listened to Chris' 50-minute premiere broadcast so that you (and we) don't have to, and she shared some highlights for those unwilling to decipher nearly an hour of Chris and Bread's stoned mumblings. 

Obviously, Chris is only famous because of the woman he impregnated, so it should come as no surprise that much of the conversation revolved around relationships.

"It like gets you to a point where you kind of get scared, you don’t wanna waste time,” he opined at one point.

Chris Lopez on Christmas

“You feel like you waste time in relationships as soon as you break up. Like, a breakup makes you feel like you wasted time, you feel me?” Chris continued.

He added that he feels as though "a lot of times, I feel like we lose ourselves in relationships” because we “invest so much in others.”

The conversation was in peril of becoming insightful, so Chris quickly switched gears to talk about what sort of ladies he likes to pump babies into.

Kail Cries on Teen Mom 2

"I don’t really got a type, bro. You could be black, blue, purple, green, white … If I like you, I like you,” he said.

“I like them all … Clearly. I love bodies,” he added.

“That sh-t is art to me, bro. I ain’t gonna lie. Women are just art to me.” 

Chris Lopez and Kids

It's nice that all women are like art to Chris, but here's hoping he never tries to use that as a pickup line.

Anyway, from there, Chris delved into gender roles ... and yeah, it didn't really make much sense.

“A man feels like he’s gotta do everything, but no, sometimes a woman needs to do it because they’re better with it and that’s what I mean … sometimes women try to step in a man’s place,” he said.

Chris Lopez Smiles

“I had a problem with that in previous relationships.”  

Yes, Chris repeatedly uses the phrase "previous relationships" as a euphemism for his relationship with Kail.

Speaking of Lowry, he went on to say that he's no longer interested in dating women who have children.

Kail Is Depressed

“Even though I got a kid, I think I’m done with women with kids,” Chris— who must have forgotten he actually has two kids–said.

“Why? Because when things go bad, you don’t get just taken away from the relationship, you get taken away from the kids as well," Chris continued.

"You build a bond with those kids, so it kind of mess you up when you don’t get to see them the way you want … it’s like, this hurts.” 

Kailyn with Chris

As The Ashley points out, Chris actually has two kids, but hey -- close enough!

“I’m still to this day trying to figure out how to co-parent in a successful way that doesn’t really effect our kids where they don’t gotta grow up, ya know, trying to recover from their childhood because their parents couldn’t get it together or whatnot,” he continued, adding that he’s “trying to forgive his kids’ mother."

We're sure Kail appreciates that attempt at forgiveness ... but she would probably like Chris being a part of his kids' lives even more.


“Ya know what I don’t like about relationships though,” Chris continued.

“It’s like, in relationships … like, your partner, y’all might have some problems …  and as soon as somebody break up – you see it in the media all the time – as soon as they break up, now you’re trying to bash them and talk down on them and stuff like that. I never understood that.

“It’s like, why didn’t you bring that up,” he continued.

“If you could’ve just had that same energy … It gets to a point where it’s like, ‘all right, oh this is how you really felt.’” 

Okay, most people don't have the problem of their relationship drama winding up in the media, but obviously, things are a little different for Chris.

Although if he's worried about being overexposed, starting a podcast might not be the best way to combat that problem.

Chris Lopez: Kailyn Lowry Gave Me PTSD!