We’re Answering the WEIRDEST Disney Character Questions You’re Too Afraid to Ask!

From Mickey Mouse to Cinderella, Disney characters are beloved ALL over the world! 

Are you married?

Not only are these iconic characters sweet, magical, funny, and cute, but some of them are also full of mystery, intrigue, and unanswered questions… .

We’ve noticed Disney is ALSO great at omitting certain character details that leave us scratching ur heads a bit! 


These are questions we’ve had on our minds for a WHILE, and questions you’ve probably wondered too! So let’s address them once and for all — and Disney, if you wanna weigh in and shed some light, feel free! 😉

Are Mickey and Minnie Married? 

It’s pretty clear that Disney’s iconic pair, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, are at least a couple, right? They’re constantly being sweet with one another and holding hands and acting like a couple of innocent junior high schoolers in love. 

How serious are they?

But are they, like, actually married? Disney never addresses the status of their relationship, so we’re not sure if they’re just dating or what. Or heck, maybe they’re just friends with benefits?! Who are we to assume! 

Friends with benefits?

According to Mickey himself (well, the voice of him for decades, at least — Richard Allwine), “The characters are scripted to always be in love.” Even Walt Disney weighed in on the subject, as noted by D23, back in a 1933 interview. ““A lot of people have written to him asking this question because sometimes he appears to be married to her in his films and other times still courting her. What it really amounts to is that Minnie is, for screen purposes, his leading lady. If the story calls for a romantic courtship, then Minnie is the girl; but when the story requires a married couple, then they appear as man and wife.”

Hey, lovebirds!

So basically the answer is yes…and no. Got it? Good! Regardless, we love their love, no matter how serious or legally binding their relationship is or is not. 

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Ditto Donald and Daisy’s Vague Relationship

One couple that’s even MORE perplexing than Mickey and Minnie is Donald and Daisy, a pair that seems as private with their personal lives as Jay-Z and Beyoncé. 

They’re rarely even seen together

The fact that they’re the same species and have nearly identical names makes it obvious they’re intended as a couple. Disney has never confirmed they were married. It’s commonly accepted that the two are a couple, though.

Do you love Daisy?

Donald seems like he’d rather spend his time with his boy band on Gran Fiesta Tour, while Daisy is more interested in fashion. Maybe it’s an on again-off again situation? No judgement from us! You do you, Ducks! 

Check out Daisy and Donald in the 50th Anniversary cavalcade here!

Why Can Goofy Talk, But Pluto Can’t? 

We’ve spent many a sleepless night lying in bed, eyes wide open, pondering the unanswered question of our lifetime: why can Goofy talk, but Pluto can’t? Even bigger than that, why are both accepted as dogs, but Goofy walks on two legs, eats, works, dresses, and otherwise acts like a human, while Pluto is VERY clearly a walk-on-four-legs, beggin’ for food dog-dog?!

Basically a human

Is this some mind game trickery, Disney? They’re CLEARLY both dogs, yet one basically functions as a human, while the other is relegated to the literal doghouse. OK, we’re not going to share just how long we spent Googling this one night in pursuit of the truth. But apparently, we are NOT the only ones wondering this! Some of the theories are pretty wild too.

He’s probably got a lot to say

One hot take we saw often shared, like this opinion piece on NPR, is that both are dogs, but PLUTO is the smart one. He wants food? Mickey brings it to him. Work? What’s that? He doesn’t do it. And what’s more liberating than running around pantless? (OK, maybe not that last one!) Basically, this theory is Goofy is, well, GOOFY. He’s not a smart dog. He has to do all the mundane normal “life” stuff any bipedal humanoid creature would endure, while Pluto is just living the easy life. Pluto is working the system and reaping the benefits.

Good Boy, Pluto!

The more accepted answer though is much less interesting and much more simple. Goofy is supposed to be like a human with dog-like properties. Just like Mickey is a mouse with human-like properties. But humans have pets. Enter, Pluto. Pluto was created to be a dog. So both are dogs but with different purposes. Goofy is there to be a dog-like human. Pluto is there to be a pet.

What, your dog doesn’t know how to fish?

The other option? They’re both dogs but maybe it’s a breed thing? They DO look like different breeds, so maybe whatever breed Goofy is can talk (and organize elaborate road trips with his son), while Pluto’s breed is essentially just a golden retriever. Whichever route you take, both are longtime beloved characters.

Wanna see what Goof looks like fishing? Click here!

Why Does Anyone Think It’s Safe to Wear Glass Footwear? 

The older we get, the cringier it feels to watch Cinderella prance around with literal glass footwear. WHAT IF IT SHATTERS WHILE YOU’RE DANCING?! 

Maybe try sneakers

Never mind the fact that apparently shoes made of glass don’t come in standard shoe sizes because that girl is the ONLY one it will fit in the whole kingdom (maybe she had some custom orthotics or something for arch support?). But the “wearing fragile things as footwear” part has us just shaking our heads like “just no.” Like, Cindy literally RUNS while wearing glass slippers (also, side note, why are they referred to as slippers when they’re clearly heels?) and somehow manages to not wind up in the ER with a couple dozen stitches.  It’s harrowing to think about. 

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Are the Seven Dwarfs Brothers? 

It’s weird that Disney would introduce a whole cast of characters who all live together in the same cottage, and never clarify what their relationship is. Are they brothers? Friends? The cast of The Real World: Enchanted Forest? 

What is the dynamic here?

If they’re friends, they seem ambivalent towards each other at best. Except for Happy, of course. He loves everyone. Brothers would make sense, though they don’t particularly look alike. 

Explain yourself

Either they’re all brothers who never ventured apart, or Snow White barged in on some sort of woodland reality show, and Disney never explained why. Realistically (in the oh-so-real fantasy world where semi-dead princesses are put on display in woodland glass coffins and apples are murder weapons) they’re likely just co-workers. They all work the diamond mines together and share a house in their off time. What’s weird with that?

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Whatever Becomes of the Donkeys on Pleasure Island? 

This is a dark question we’re almost afraid to know the answer to, but…whatever happens to the boy-donkeys on Pleasure Island in Pinocchio? 

Pinocchio witnessed some trauma

That whole tragic sequence is one of the scariest and most upsetting scenes in Disney history, and the thought of these boys being permanently turned into abused donkeys is just…upsetting. The Coachman that lured the boys there basically got away with everything. Pinocchio might have gotten his happy ending but the story gets REAL dark REAL fast when you consider the tortured donkey boys he left behind!

Terrifying place

Granted, they were terribly behaved boys who needed to be reprimanded, but perhaps a detention might be more appropriate than forcibly turning them into equines? Just a thought. 

How is Scrooge So Rich

The Jeff Bezos of Disney, Scrooge McDuck is a money-loving character who has literal MOUNTAINS of gold. He’s got so much gold that he brazenly dives into it and swims in it like it’s water. (We can discuss the physics of diving into a pile of hard metal coins and how he didn’t end up in the ER later!) How did we get here? 

His own private barge, no doubt

Scrooge’s absurd wealth was actually, kind of, addressed. He could outspend Elon Musk, and fling gold coins around like they’re pennies, because he worked hard and made his money with grit and determination.  

Scrooge McDuck, fancy as always

According to CBC, it is actually addressed in a 1952 comic that he struck it rich during the Gold Rush in the Klondike! Later stories detailed a bit more about Scrooge’s Canadian connections and how he made his fortune up north.

Is Alice…Okay? 

When Alice goes to Wonderland, it all looks like whimsical fun and games, but honestly though, is she okay? 

You good?

The level of wild detail and traumatizing experiences she endures in this unexplained place is QUITE a trip. One minute she’s enjoying a leisurely, totally normal afternoon in the bucolic English countryside, and the next she’s evading decapitation from an oversized deck of cards! 

A lot went down in Wonderland

And seriously, we don’t know what was in those mushrooms she ate. Or the cookies. Or the random unmarked bottles declaring to just drink them no questions asked. Whatever actually happened to her, we hope she sought medical attention upon her return to England, because YIKES. 

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Adopting 101 Dalmatians is Not Feasible

Listen, we love dogs as much as the next person, but adopting 101 of them is unrealistic and frankly reckless.

Maybe two dalmatians is plenty

It’s a lovely way to wrap up the movie in 101 Dalmatians, by adopting every single puppy that Cruella had dog-napped, but WHAT were they thinking?! They seem to be struggling to make ends meet in their London townhome…where are these dogs gonna go? 

Too many dogs

Financially it’s impossible. ONE dog is expensive, let alone 101. Think of the cost of dog food alone! They’d be buying out the Costco every. single. day. to have enough food for one or two days! They’d also need to move into the Taj Mahal in order to have enough space for them. And don’t even get us started on all that dog poop… .

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Willing Your Entire Fortune to Cats. Really? 

The loving (if not a bit obsessive) relationship that Madame Adelaide has with her cats in The Aristocats is sweet, sure, but it’s perhaps a tad much. Like, WHY would anyone leave their entire fortune to cats? 

She honestly has no use for money

We get it. She loves them more than anything. But there are ways you can ensure your precious cats are well cared for and loved after you’re gone without leaving them with money they can’t use…because they’re cats. 

Perhaps will your money to charity?

Honestly, Edgar had a right to be mad. Obviously, he handled it in a tactless way, but he got completely shafted. That’s gotta sting. 

We Need a Nutritionist to Weigh In On Gaston’s Diet

As terrible as he is, Gaston’s got a ripped body. He looks good. But his diet is a bit concerning. 

He clearly doesn’t eat many cupcakes

He claims to eat four dozen eggs EVERY day “to help him get large.” Umm ok. Surely there are other ways to build muscle without consuming enough eggs to stock the buffet at Boma. Is this healthy? Or even doable? Eggs are mostly protein. And good if he’s doing a low-carb thing, but still. Not to mention once he was grown he ate FIVE dozen eggs. Daily. Is his cholesterol OK?? Someone get this man a green veggie or two! Nutritionists should weigh in, please. 

Check out our beloved — the WARM Cinnamon Roll from Gaston’s Tavern! 

Is Elsa Basically Storm From X-Men? 

Let’s see here: we’ve got a character with snow-white hair and a superhuman ability to control weather elements. If you’re thinking of Storm from X-Men, you’d be right. If you’re thinking of Elsa from Frozen, you’d also be right. 

Elsa or Storm? Or BOTH?

As far as we know, Elsa’s weather-controlling abilities are restricted to snow and ice and such, so we don’t know if she can create tornadoes and lightning at the flick of a finger, but maybe Disney is saving that for Frozen 3? Or maybe Frozen is just an animated origin story for the X-Men hero??! (X-Men=Marvel=Disney too sooooo…) Please let this be true. 

Are you an X-Man?

Maybe she’s only Storm-like in Winter. The rest of the year, she’s secretly Wolverine, obviously. 😉

Clearly, we have a LOT of unanswered Disney questions on our mind, and we need answers! Except maybe about the donkey children from Pinocchio. We’ll just try and forget that scene ever happened. 

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