We were where Liverpool were – will we be there again?

Morning folks. Hope you’re all good? Did you watch the Champions League final last night? I didn’t. Last thing I wanted to see was a massive build up about how super amazing Liverpool are and how they’re the greatest side to have ever walked the planet.

And yet having suffered defeat yesterday, their season has gone from all of this talk about winning the quadruple, to winning both domestic cups. Just like we did in 93. Because here’s the thing: it’s REALLY hard to compete on multiple fronts and win everything. You need to be a great team, but you also need luck too. I picked up my phone this morning to see what happened in the game last night and saw Liverpool had lost and do you know what sprang to my mind instantly?


Yeah, I know, an Arsenal fan with any excuse to bring up The Invincibles but that team was elite. Strong, physical, great in every position and a side that should have gone on to win the treble that they deserved based on their ability. But we were kicked all over the place against United in the semi final, then followed by getting skanked by an average Chelski side in the quarters of the Champions League. We should have gone on to win the Champions League that season but we fell just short in that home game against the Chavs and the result was only winning the league and going unbeaten.

Because winning everything is really hard.

So comparisons between teams like that Arsenal side, or Barcelona under Pep, or United under Ferguson, feel a little moot if you ask me. This Liverpool side is very good. They have won trophies and they are certainly light years ahead of us right now. But ultimately you are remembered for what you win and this season it will show that Man City did the business and Liverpool picked up some consolation prizes. A bit like when we won the FA Cup in 2003. We should have won the league that year but fell short to United and ended up with the cup. I went to that cup final in Cardiff. It was my first ever final and the whole day was amazing. But talking to the people I was with in the bar beforehand, it definitely felt like a “well, we should have done better this season, but we’ll take a nice trophy at the end of the season as a consolation prize” type thing. I suspect that’s how Liverpool fans will be feeling today.

And that’s how I hope we’re feeling in a few years time, because if it is it means Arteta’s ‘process’ has worked and we are winning trophies and competing for the big prizes every season. If we are where Liverpool are in a couple of years time, it means that we’ve got to the top and are competing against financially doped clubs who can throw any sort of money at the Premier League and football in general, as they sports wash their way to winning titles.

If we can get to where Liverpool are now, that’d be the dream, because we’ll be one of the best.

Can we though? Maybe. But it will all depend on good – no, GREAT – recruitment happening every single summer. The current noises are that we’re in for some great targets that will kick us on, but I wonder if we need to pick up our version of a Mane and Salah from somewhere. Bit in those positions, because we have Saka of course, but a player who is known, is good, but joins us and kicks on to that next level. That’s what happened with Salah when he joined from Roma. He was well known around Europe and doing well for Roma, but he stepped up when he joined Liverpool, as did Mane from Southampton.

Is Gabriel Jesus going to do the same if he joins from City? maybe. Doesn’t feel like the same trajectory to me though. Doesn’t mean he can’t have success if we managed to get him, but I just wonder if we need to pull a different ace from our sleeve on a player from a team that is lower in the division, but ready to elevate themselves with a move to The Arsenal.

Or maybe I’m just talking a load of Sunday morning waffle and nonsense. As per usual. maybe Arsenal have their plans, they are making their moves, it’ll all be City players and we’ll look fabulous next season.

Anyway, that’s probably enough rambling for one day. I’m off into London for a big fat roast dinner to celebrate a mates birthday. Have yourselves a good one and I’ll catch you all in the morrow.

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We were where Liverpool were – will we be there again?