Wedding photographer shares signs a couple’s marriage won’t last

Bloody marriage is an interesting thing. It’s a way for people to commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives and share all of life’s moments together. Now, you don’t need us to tell you that f**ken heaps of marriages don’t last that long. Whatever the reason for that is, you probably don’t want too many people judging whether or not your marriage is gonna last on your wedding day. This photographer, though, she reckons she can predict exactly whether or not you’ll stand the test of time or whether you’re heading to divorce court.

All right, the wedding photographer in question is Shayla Herrington, an Arkansas-based photographer and TikTokker. In a recent video, she’s shared the three signs she reckons can predict whether or not you and your spouse will spend the rest of your life sniffing each other’s farts or whether you’ll be experiencing fresh aromas in the near future.

Credit: TikTok/Shaylamherrington

Basically, she starts off by saying she was once shooting under another photographer who passed the knowledge on to her. “They told me they can tell if a couple will last or not based on three things.”

Now, obviously, you wanna know what those three things are. So, without further ado, she says, “The first indicator is one of the spouses will take more than three family photos without the other spouse.” Seems pretty judgmental to us, but who knows? Maybe she’s right.

Credit: TikTok/Shaylamherrington

“The second indicator is the bridesmaids or the groomsmen will avoid talking about the spouse when they’re getting ready.” Apparently, this one means they’re not too keen on their mate’s choice of partner.

“The last indicator is one of the spouses will spend more time with friends or family at the reception.” This one kinda speaks for itself, but we’ll let you be the judge.

Credit: TikTok/Shaylamherrington

Final thought: Yeah, look, we’ll be honest, we’re not sure there’s anything ground-breaking here, and it seems a bit much to apply these rules to bloody everyone. Still, who knows, maybe she’s got it all figured out, and if you want return business, it might pay to know this s**t. Anyway, jump into the Facey comments and tell us your own rules for marriages that won’t last.

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Wedding photographer shares signs a couple’s marriage won’t last