Weekend Updates

While I love property and home improvement type stuff, I'm sincerely hoping this will be the last update on that topic for a little while. Time for a break, and time to bring on the riding updates! (Please!) 

Sophie making the best of the horrible weather by getting highlights and brows done.

Because I finally (FINALLY) got the back fence completed and now I can sleep at night without worrying the girls will go for an adventure off property. Their paddocks are obviously well fenced, and I did have a secondary line of defense in the form of a temporary electric fence, but still...it feels a lot better having a proper perimeter fence around the property.


Plus gates

Equals peace of mind

I've also been keeping a secret: we're moving in to the house on site, so the ponies really will be in my backyard again. That's going to mean some upcoming renovations and changes to both that house and the one we're currently living in, but I'm not going to think too hard on that. And of course the horses still have some big pending projects (a second pony shelter, a tack room in the barn, wire mesh on the back fence) but none of those feel like they have the urgency attached like the other projects we've completed this fall. I'll pick away at the shelter as I have time and the tack room and future grooming area will be nice to have, but my trailer works just fine at the moment for tack and the trees by the barn are big enough to tie and groom at. 

Anyway. I feel like I've got a few months now to take a breather and just ride my horses, which I plan to take full advantage of.

Weekend Updates