Weekly Menu, May 16-22

Time for this week’s dinner ideas! We had a lot of great Mexican food this week – our favorite.

Our weekly menu will give you some good dinner ideas

Time for this week’s dinner ideas! It was a week of a Mexican food and flavors.

Here’s a quick review of our weekly dinners: 

I’m going to add this little overview every week so you can see our true full weekly menu to get dinner ideas.

Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Fajitas

Wednesday: Pork Carnitas

Thursday: Tamales

Friday: BBQ Pizza

Saturday: Out to Eat

Sunday: Cafe Rio Burritos

Sunday Dessert: Scotcheroos

Chicken Fajitas

I’ve been making these fajitas for years and they’re literally the best. I cook them til the peppers and onions are super soft, and they’re amazing with fresh cheese, avocado, and tortilla chips or homemade tortillas.

Pork Carnitas

This was a super easy and delicious dinner – I just tossed it in the crockpot and it was ready to go at dinner time. I cooked it on high so it got a little bit crispy, but I like it super crispy so I put it in a pan with some oil before serving to get it a little extra crispy. I served with homemade tortillas, cheese, and salsa.

Homemade Tamales

Last week we had green Chile for Sunday dinner, and we had plenty leftover so I used it to make homemade tamales. They were easier to make than I expected, and they were delicious!

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Last week we had a busy weekend so we didn’t end up making our regular BBQ Chicken pizza. The kids were begging for it, so it’s back on the menu this week!

Cafe Rio Burritos

I’ve been making this recipe for years and it’s amazing! I actually made it about a month ago but I’m making it again because we’re having company over for dinner and it’s a crowd pleaser and makes a lot!


If you’ve never had scotcheroos, you must try them! They’re gooey rice Krispy treats with chocolate butterscotch on top. We always put ours in the fridge so the chocolate hardens up, and then take it out of the fridge so you don’t break your teeth. You want the chocolate completely hardened though — not melty!

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Weekly Menu, May 16-22