Weekly Timeless Wardrobe #38: A Neutral 2nd Layer

December 8, 2021

Time for another 2nd layer! In honor of all of the gift-giving occasions in the recent past and near future, I’m suggesting cashmere sweaters! (and yes, you can indeed purchase a gift for yourself? Who better to buy, and who better to receive?)

I’m recycling last week’s skirts, showing them in a less dressy way. If you’re going to own a skirt, you may as well get some mileage from it, right?

A simple, beautiful sweater can be worn with lots of things, and will always elevate your outfit by a notch or two; if I were to only own 1 sweater, it would be a black cashmere cardigan:

The same plaid skirt that you wore for a holiday neighborhood gather can be worn to work too….

The brown toile skirt looks just as good with an ivory sweater as it did with brown. Beautiful leather goods and some jewelry toned to match is all you need!

A velvet skirt will never be casual, but it can be perfect for those occasions when you’re not quite sure how dressed up you need to be…

There are so many options with this navy corduroy skirt – this outfit would be perfect for work, or for dinner, or for brunch…

As with velvet, satin is inherent dressy, but dark moss green boots, bag and sweater take this skirt down quite a few notches!

Are you making any plans to wear a skirt this winter holiday season? I’m not planning; if anything comes up that I don’t expect, I will just pull out my workhorse black pleated skirt and figure something out!



p.s. Three years ago, I was packing for Paris… sigh…

Weekly Timeless Wardrobe #38: A Neutral 2nd Layer

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Weekly Timeless Wardrobe #38: A Neutral 2nd Layer