Weller Elderberry Immunity Support

Weller Elderberry Immunity SupportWeller’s mission is to provide accessible, functional beverages that are simple, delicious, natural, and impactful. Their line of drinks is designed to bring feelings of wellness, vitality, and optimization through a clean-label drinking experience.

Weller’s products include a line of sparkling CBD waters, a CBD drink mix, and a line of Elderberry Sparkling Immunity beverages. We had the opportunity to sample the Elderberry Sparkling Immunity Beverages.

Elderberry is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world. Since ancient times it has been used for everything from treating infections to healing burns and improving complexions. Today, many people take elderberry as a supplement to treat cold and flu symptoms and boost the immune system.

Weller’s Elderberry Sparkling Immunity beverages have a base of freshly squeezed elderberry juice combined with sparkling water, juice concentrate, as well as monk fruit concentrate, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin D3.

The beverages come in a standard 12oz can wrapped in a purple label with a colored stripe on the top indicating the flavor: lemon-lime, strawberry, or peach.


The lemon-lime flavor has subtle, zesty citrus notes that are balanced nicely with the elderberry and carbonation. The beverage isn’t too sweet, making it easy to sip and enjoy.


The peach-flavored beverage pours out as a soft pink liquid with effervescent bubbles. The mild peach flavor combined with the elderberry is a mildly sweet treat that is not syrupy or overpowering but rather light and refreshing with a clean finish.


The strawberry flavor is more sweet than tart, resulting in a pleasantly soothing drinking experience. The carbonation brings a nice dimension, rounding out a delightfully satisfying but straightforward beverage.

Summary: Weller Elderberry Sparkling Immunity beverages bring a refreshing twist on an immune-boosting supplement. Packed with immune-supporting ingredients, each of these beverages is light, refreshing,  and enjoyable to drink.

For more information visit Weller’s website.

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Weller Elderberry Immunity Support