What do you think of Nayeon's POP!?


First of all, I like it


1. [+191][-36] First of all, when I first listened to it I have to admit that it's a great song

2. [+174][-27] It totally screams 'Im Nayeon's song'. It suits her really well. 

3. [+153][-24] It suits summer really well. I love the color of the MV. 

4. [+135][-9] It's somehow a little bit boringㅜㅜ It somehow sounds empty on the part that goes Pop Pop Pop Popㅜㅜ But I didn't mind since she looks really beautiful in the MV. I wish it was better thoughㅜㅜ

5. [+99][-15] Nayeon is really beautiful but the song could've been better...

6. [+66][-52] Guys make this the top comment http://kko.to/d5j_MZ5FE

7. [+63][-48] Not my cup of tea... It has no impact...

8. [+59][-19] I had no idea she debuted as a solo singer. I opened Melon and the first page is filled with Nayeon. So I was like, 'Ah... Someone from Twice debuted as a solo singer' and checked the songs out. They're not my cup of teaㅠㅠ I checked out the MV as well and it seemed to me like they're just trying out different things on her...? It's her first solo title track, I feel like they should've paid more attention to it...

9. [+58][-17] I wonder if this is all they could come up with... I mean, it's Nayeon...

10. [+55][-4] You have to check out the side tracks. The one that's featuring Wonstein is really good, not gonna lie.

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What do you think of Nayeon's POP!?