What I'm Doing Currently

In taking a cue from a couple of blog posts I've read recently, today I'm going to respond to a random set of cues currently in rotation. Plus the timing is good - I could use a temporary distraction right about now!

(P.S. I would love for others to play along so that we can enjoy small glimpses into each other's current lives, so please consider doing so in the comment section below.)

What I Am Currently . . . 

Buying: Lots! If we are going to be  stuck  here for the summer, I would like it to be spent outside as much as possible. So I've purchased a couple of heavy duty umbrella stands and 10' ft. sun umbrellas to increase the amount of shade in both the front and back yard sitting areas, plus replacement umbrellas for a couple that were pretty faded out. I've also ordered several new inflatable kayaks to replace our current set, because we are very much enjoying our increasingly longer paddles around Newport Harbor, and we therefore need better quality inflatable kayaks than we've been using.

Kayaking buddies Dennis and Nikki on the left, us on the right.

And I've purchased oodles and oodles of indoor and outdoor toys for our granddaughters to use this summer while they and their family stay with us here. I've bought fishing poles, boogie boards, an inflatable pool, pool toys, coloring books and markers, puzzles, games, and lots of ocean-oriented pretend toys. At this rate, the girls are going think it's Christmas morning when the arrive!

Craving: Craft beer, enjoyed at a craft beer brewery. I love the craft beer brewery environment almost as much as I love the beer. Craft breweries have a young, hipster vibe that I find delightful, even as a non-youngster, non-hipster! Nicely, our oldest daughter just asked us to join her and her boyfriend at one of our very favorite craft breweries, Modern Times, so we'll be heading down to San Diego next weekend to do just that. 

Transparently the family that bicycles and enjoys brews together stays together. 😀
From pre-COVID times:
The family that bicycles and drinks craft beer together stays together.

Discussing: What our role is as white people in working to lift the weight of discrimination off of African Americans. Along those lines, I've been reading, watching, listening, and pondering about this issue every moment I possibly can. And along those lines, I will be re-watching this excellent, 2016 Oscar-nominated documentary, which is normally hidden behind the Netflix paywall, but that can now be watched for free via YouTube at the link below:

Feeling: Equal parts of despair and hope (See above 🥺) intermixed with excitement about our daughter and granddaughters arrival in a couple more weeks.

Wearing: Layers. We are in the California late spring/early summer season of cool, wet mornings and warmer, dryer afternoons. So for now that means tank tops under long sleeve shirts, and a sweater kept handy in the car.


How about you? What are you currently buying, craving, discussing, feeling and wearing? 

What I'm Doing Currently