What’s New in Lumion 12—Volumetric Lights, Decals, Kelvin Settings and more

Lumion is one of the global leaders in real-time interactive rendering software and the latest version 12, which came out last month, adds numerous new capabilities to help architects and visualization artists take their rendering projects to new heights of realism and atmosphere.

One of the things that have always impressed us at Architosh with Lumion has been its renderer visual quality, which is easily assessed in the hero image on this story (and just below).

New Lumion 12

It is easy to alter the time of day sunlight and bring cozy morning light or stunning sunsets into a scene. To further boost the atmosphere of interior lighting, the new Lumion 12 features Volumetric Spotlights.

Volumetric Lights provide a more realistic atmosphere to interiors, adding emotion and drama to your rendering scenes, especially when used with Real Skies, the fog effect, or rain or snow environmental controls.

Lumion 12

Lumion 12 was released in November this year and includes numerous new features adding realism and streamlining workflows for visualization pros and architects.

Version 12 now adds Surface Decals. This new technology allows users to add surface imperfections to walls, floors, and ceilings, combining with the existent weathering and displacement map features to bring even greater realism to scenes.

Lumion 12 also adds 41 new fine-detail nature items (ie: plants) like a range of new palms at various stages of growth, exquisitely detailed flowers, stems of grass, weeds, cattails, and other small plants.  The new range of natural items will help architects create even more real-life landscapes.

LiveSync for Autodesk FormIt Pro

Lumion 12 provides a new real-time rendering LiveSync plugin available for Autodesk FormIt Pro, a design tool often used in the early stages of design. FormIt Pro combines schematic level 3D modeling with smart automation and analysis features so architects can design better buildings.

Autodesk FormIt Pro and Lumion 12 workflow

Lumion 12 includes a LiveSync plugin for Autodesk FormIt Pro.

Users can model in Autodesk FormIt Pro and render simultaneously with Lumion 12.

Lumion 12 makes it easier for users to build scenes faster with a vast range of content in its library. To learn more about Lumion 12, visit them online here.

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What’s New in Lumion 12—Volumetric Lights, Decals, Kelvin Settings and more