What To Do if Your Child Doesn’t Enjoy School

We all have our off days when it comes to going to work or school, but if your child’s showing signs that they’re not enjoying their time at school then it’s time to take action on what the problem could be and how it can be solved.

From this private college in the UK we provide you with the best advice on what to do if your child is struggling to make it to school.

Speak to your child’s teachers

Having a chat with the teachers at your school will identify if there are any areas where you need to intervene. They could be able to tell if your child is feeling reserved or acting differently within the classroom, or if this nature is unheard of.

Oftentimes this can serve as a marker as to whether your child is trying to avoid something specific or if there’s an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. 

Ask your child questions

You may never know why they don’t like school if you don’t ask. There may be a problem at school that they’re afraid to tell you about, or they’re really struggling within a certain class that’s giving them a lot of unwanted stress.

Don’t brush off their feelings, give them the chance to talk about how they’re feeling. If it’s about a bully at school, or if it’s a teacher that’s giving them a hard time, then try to open up the conversation to them and see what they’re feeling. 

There will be a difference between a child trying to avoid an important test or if they’re tired, but genuine concerns can often present themselves quite quickly when you allow your child to talk about them openly.

If it’s a real concern, consider giving them the day off

Sometimes a personal day off for your child to take a break from their stresses and worries is helpful for them to reflect on those problems they’re facing at school. They may also benefit from just a break away from studies. If you’re able to, take your child away from the home to do something they’ll enjoy.

To encourage them to return to school, say that they only have a handful of rest days they can take each academic year. That way, if they continue to take rest days in a row then they’re more inclined to go back to school and save those days.

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What To Do if Your Child Doesn’t Enjoy School