Where is Dorien Thomas?

By Naptime Nancy

Nine year old Dorien Deon Thomas had just put some air in his bike tires and headed out for a ride on October 26th, 1999. His bike was a bright aqua blue bike that said ‘Free Style’ on the sides with white tires. He and his family lived in an apartment complex off the 1300 block of NW 9th Street in Amarillo, TX, and he knew the area well. He was last seen near the corner of Ong Street and West Amarillo Boulevard, which happens to be right where Amarillo Boulevard turns into Interstate 40. Dorien was said to have been wearing a red shirt and blue pants, 4’ tall, about 60 lbs, with black hair and brown eyes. There were no apparent signs of a struggle and his bike was never seen again. So what happened to Dorien Thomas?

One of the more sinister theories is that Dorien’s disappearance is connected to two unsolved 1997 Amarillo murders. In August of 1997, Dorien and a group of boys discovered the body of 45 year old ,Gloria Ann Convington, stabbed to death in a field behind the North branch of YMCA off NW 18th Ave. One month later, the body of Gloria’s friend and fellow lady of the night, 35 year old Linda Jackson, was found off the 3100 block of N Wilson Street. She was partially nude and appeared to have been struck by a vehicle. Linda was present the night Gloria was killed and claimed to have been assaulted the same night by a man in a light colored pickup truck. Not long after the murders of these two women, a friend of Gloria Covington, Linda Davis AND Dorien’s family, stopped by Dorien’s mother’s home with a man who she claims to have been assaulted by. He was a Caucasian male with red hair in a ponytail and a mustache. A composite sketch has been made of this man.

Law enforcement once thought a 20 year old, Brandon Wilson, may have been involved in Dorien’s disappearance. Wilson was drifter who killed nine year old in a rest area bathroom in Oceanside Harbor, CA. The drifter was said to have possibly been in Amarillo around that time, but he killed himself in in his cell on death row in 2011. Police had divers search nearby Lake Amarillo for three days to no avail. A family friend was initially accused but came forward and was cleared. Yesterday would have been Dorien Thomas’ 30th birthday. The Thomas family will not get to celebrate with Dorien and have been forced to miss many other milestones and memories in the nearly 20 years he has been gone. Someone knows what happened. Please finally do the right thing and come forward with any and all information you have so Dorien’s family may finally have answers.

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Where is Dorien Thomas?