Which Cozy Activity You Should Try This Winter, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The holidays are over, Dry January is almost up, and we just have a couple more weeks of winter before spring is just around the corner. It may feel like the *longest* stretch of time, as we all collectively wait for the weather to start warming up. But remember those hygge vibes and cozy sweaters we are all crazy about last fall? There are still a couple of months of cozy time left, so take advantage of it! Light some candles, bust out the chunky knits, and put a log on the fire — here are the best cozy winter activities to try, based on your zodiac sign. You can look for your sun sign on this list, but we also recommend taking a peek at your moon sign, as the moon can give you insight as to how you feel most nourished and comforted.

woman doing yoga

Aries: Do Yin Yoga

Aries is known for its fiery, take-charge energy, so people with major planets in this sign tend to have some physicality in their nature. They may even find it difficult to slow down, which is why yin yoga can be so beneficial. Head to a studio, pull up a free YouTube class, or try a session on Apple Fitness+. Bonus points for doing it in front of a roaring fire.

Taurus: Learn to Bake

With all their earthy, sensuous energy, Taureans love a good meal. The coziest way to get cooking, of course, is to learn how to bake. Check out Brit+Co's many baking classes and get ready to get your pastry on.

Gemini: Write Letters By Hand

Geminis are all about communication, so cozy-fying it into the activity of writing letters by hand is perfect for them. You can stay in touch with your friends and family, add some simplicity into your life, and — importantly for Geminis — force yourself to slow down and think before you communicate.

woman warming towels for facial

Cancer: Pamper Yourself

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer loves to care and be cared for, and is also intimately connected to the water element. Establish a routine out of pampering yourself by doing a face mask, drawing yourself a bath, and soaking with a nice cup of tea or glass of wine. Repeat weekly (or daily, if you feel like it!).

Leo: Start A Book Club

Leos are natural-born leaders, so they excel at gathering people together. One of the coziest ways to spend time with your pals is to discuss a good book. Organize a book club in which you and your friends get together (either in person or via Zoom) on a regular basis for some good conversation. Give yourself a nice cozy environment to bask in (think scented candles, a cozy throw blanket, or a warm fire) while you connect with others.

Virgo: Learn To Sew

Virgos are fantastic at taking care of other people, and doing so in material ways that let others know they care. You can apply this to yourself, too, by learning to sew. Help repair your or others' clothes so you can live more minimally, save money, and keep old clothes out of landfills. Once you get really experienced, you might even enjoy making your own DIY fashions.

two friends cuddling on couch

Libra: Cuddle Up

Libras are all about connecting with others, so they get the quintessential cozy activity: cuddling! Whether you're cuddling an SO, a pet, or a nice fluffy pillow, get cozy and enjoy a night in with a good movie and a nice drink.

Scorpio: Journal

Scorpios love to go deep. Whether you love to write or not, though, depends on a lot of other factors, so seek out a journal that's right for you and get to scribbling. If you love to write, that might mean a blank notebook, or if you're less of a creative-type, it might mean a guided wellness journal. Either way, you're bound to learn new things about yourself in the process.

Sagittarius: Read Travel Memoirs

The last few months of winter can be especially hard for restless Sagittarius. Cozy up with a good book that will help transport you to faraway places. Whether Wild by Cheryl Strayed or On The Road by Jack Kerouac is more your style, you're bound to relate to these authors' adventurous attitudes.

Capricorn: Build 3D Puzzles

Capricorns love to work with their hands, almost as much as they love to bask in the success of a job well-done. These 3D puzzles could not be cuter... by the time you figure out how to finish one, the weather will probably be getting warmer already!

woman listening to audiobook on phone

Aquarius: Listen To Audiobooks

Have you tried listening to an audiobook out-loud yet? If it's not part of your evening routine, it should be, especially if you have planets in the sign of Aquarius. Pull up your favorite genre (perhaps sci-fi or social justice non-fiction, if you're an Aquarius), make a cup of tea, and listen to an audiobook — bonus points for streaming something cozy, like this YouTube channel or The Fireplace Channel, on your TV or laptop for background imagery.

Pisces: Listen To Vinyl

Sensitive Pisces suns and moons will love the artistic and nostalgic nature of listening to vinyl. If you don't have a collection of records yet, winter is the perfect time to start one. Grab a record player and pick up a few albums from your local record store. Cozy vibes all around.

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Which Cozy Activity You Should Try This Winter, Based On Your Zodiac Sign