Which routine is right for YOU?

I have a few premium routines on my website that I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating. Two are focused on strength training and another two are focused on flexibility. None of them require lots of equipment as I’m a fan of working out with minimal equipment which allows me to do it at home or outdoors. So.. here goes!

Rings Routine (Strength and Skills)

No weights required. Just a pair of rings and you’re ready to have fun!

The rings-oriented bodyweight training routine is one of the best routines I have come up with that combines both strength work and skill work, which tends to be quite rewarding and fun. With a simple pair of gymnastics rings, you could potentially workout your upper body and core in a way that rivals weightlifting. It is a lot more gymnastics-oriented because you learn straight arm skills such as front/back levers and planche and also learn skills such as skin the cat, inverted hang, shoulder stand and more. There are a lot of very cool, wide ranging progressions so anybody from beginner to advanced will find the right intensity for them. And the template is absolutely one of my favorites. Instead of a push/pull split, it splits the days into straight-arm and bent-arm days. Click here to go to the page to get more details and buy the rings-routine.

The above video explains the rings routine.

Hypertrophy Routine (Strength and Mass)

The hypertrophy routine is a hybrid, bodyweight + weight training routine that is meant for gaining maximum strength and packing on mass. Whether you want to BE strong or just LOOK strong, this is the routine for you. It is not for rank beginners because the programming utilizes the concept of periodization that targets different rep-ranges and intensity depending on the workout-day which is meant for people with experience. It’s not too hard to understand however and it’s downright fun if you are well versed with bodyweight exercises. It doesn’t have the skill work that the rings-routine does as it’s less gymnastics oriented and more focused on purely aesthetics and strength. Click here to go to the page to buy the hypertrophy-routine.

The above video explains the hypertrophy routine.

Note: If you are struggling with some of the skills or moves in the rings-routine due to a lack of strength, the hypertrophy routine is perfect to do for 2-3 months and then go back to the rings-routine to find yourself much, much stronger at certain skills found in the rings-routine. This is one of the reasons why I switch between the two.

Easy Hamstrings Flexibility Program

This hamstring flexibility program is for those who have overall poor flexibility, tight hamstrings and want a simple program that will help them to get looser in a gentle, non-painful manner. It requires only 30 minutes, 2-3x a week and is perfect for anyone who is struggling to touch their toes or wants to be able to easily put their palms flat with straight legs in no time! You’ll be stretching the hamstrings, calves and back to improve your forward-folding ability (also known as pike flexibility) in an easy to follow along video that will increase your range instantly!

The above video explains the hamstring flexibility program.

Hip Flexibility Program

I’ve created this hip flexibility program for those that would like to increase the flexibility of their lower body in an efficient manner, with a follow along video that only takes 30 minutes, 1-3x a week. With it, you will improve both your passive and active flexibility in numerous ways. This program was months in the making and beta-tested with people of all levels to ensure both rank beginners and intermediates feel challenged in a fun and feel-good manner while gaining mobility efficiently.

The above video explains what the hip flexibility program is all about.

Source: antranikorg

Which routine is right for YOU?