Who Is Derek Deso? All About The YouTube Star And His Wife Sophia Turner

Derek Deso with wife Sophia Turner

In the world of YouTube pranksters, Derek Deso is an OG. The social media personality has been racking up views since 2010, posting everything from extreme eating challenges to rants about "annoying girls." His antics have earned him as many as nine million views per video.

Deso has often relied on his girlfriends for content. Their pranks as a couple—which often focus on infidelity—are often the most popular on his channel. Until 2018, he was linked to fellow YouTuber Lycette Cornejo. Since then, his partner in crime has been his girlfriend (and now-wife) Sophia Turner. Find out more about the couple and how they've amassed an astounding number of subscribers to Deso's channel.

Who Is Derek Deso?

Derek Deso, born April 27, 1987, is a YouTube personality who hails from Los Angeles. He got his first taste of internet popularity in 2010 with "The Boog Show." The comedy channel, which he started with a group of buddies, features a mix of juvenile parodies and pranks. Two years later, he launched his solo channel, DerekDesoDaily, which currently boasts 2.48 million subscribers.

What Does Derek Deso Do On YouTube?

Deso's content is similar to what's found on The Boog Show, only he conceives of his pranks with his romantic partners. His antics are often at the expense of unsuspecting victims, and his partners and family members are never off-limits. For instance, in a November 2020 vid, Deso's current wife pretends to arrange a rendezvous with a secret side piece in front of his brother. Their attempt to film his reaction seems staged, but nevertheless, viewers eat it up:

Deso has also experimented with content unrelated to comedic shenanigans. Recently he's been playing the role of a mentor, surprising bullying victims and kids in need with generous electronic gifts like iPhones and video game consoles.

Perhaps his charitable impulses are a way to make up for past criticism of his pranks. Some viewers aren't always amused by his schemes. For example, in November, Deso pranked his own 6-year-old stepson. He pretends he's cheating on his wife, and then asks the boy to keep it a secret. The child initially agrees before finally breaking down and confessing to his mom.

Viewers were outraged at the deception. "Should NEVER involve a child in this sort of pranks," said one Facebook commenter. "It doesn't matter if it's cute to some but it's bad taste."

Derek Deso Just Got Married To Sophia

For years, Deso's partner in crime was his former longtime girlfriend Lycette Cornejo. But in 2019, after the two split, he began dating Sophia Turner. After only a few months, the couple was engaged.

The months leading up to the big day were full of the kind of pranks that would cause cold feet. In one video, Sophia pretends she's pregnant with another man's child. In an act of retaliation, Deso films a retaliatory video, sharing a fake confession that he's been unfaithful, too. Of course, neither had actually betrayed the other and the couple proceeded to host a lavish September wedding. Naturally, the event was captured on film and posted to Deso's channel.

Turner runs two Instagram accounts: one for her personal life and another for her career as a "lash tech, hairstylist, and salon owner." And last year, she launched her own YouTube channel—a random mix of workouts, beauty tips, and lifestyle videos. But aside from being a working mom, she is best known for participating in her husband's pranks (both as an accomplice and victim).

"I love y'all. My favorite couple," said one commenter. "You guys have it all," wrote another.

With Turner being the beloved better half of this duo, we expect her to remain a fixture on Deso's channel for as long as it remains online.

Source: gossipcop.com

Who Is Derek Deso? All About The YouTube Star And His Wife Sophia Turner