Whole30 Week 4 Meal Plan + Shopping List

I’ll be honest…. Today is day 21, and I’m ready for a piece of pizza. Normally, this would be nearing the end of a Whole30. But since we’re doing 40 days, it’s only halfway. That said, even if I want pizza or some other treat, the craving just goes away, and I’m fine. It isn’t some persistent, miserable, pathetic longing for bread or sugar. It’s subtle. A gentle nudge from my not-so-ancient habits of grabbing a cookie, baking a loaf of bread, or putting sugar in my coffee. 

We will make it. And we may go past 40 days. I’ve got a weight number in mind. If I’m not there by day 41, I will just carry on. I am not great at making good food choices, so this is something I can stick to. Someone else made the rules, they’re set, and I can follow rules. I just can’t follow my own rules very well! Before I had Alexander I was …. X lbs. I gained 50 lbs while pregnant, and shortly after having him, I was at X+20. So I did a Whole30 way back then and I got back down to X. Then I got pregnant with Annabelle, and I got back to X+50. Shortly after having her, I was down to X+25. And that’s where I’ve stayed for 3 years. I’d be happy with X+10, but obviously X+5 or back to X is what I really would like.

That said, I HAVE been lifting weights, so I know that the number on the scale is not the only indicator of progress. I’m also looking at measurements and how my clothes look and fit. 

Okay enough about me…

Let’s just get to this week’s meal plan, shall we? 


  • Breakfast: bacon, eggs, potatoes
  • Lunch: ramen bowls
  • Dinner: bbq pulled pork sandwiches


  • Breakfast: berry crunch bowl
  • Lunch: pork salad
  • Dinner: pizza spaghetti pie


  • Breakfast: eggs, avocado, berries
  • Lunch: pork fried rice
  • Dinner: leftovers


  • Breakfast: bacon, eggs, potatoes
  • Lunch: chicken zucchini poppers
  • Dinner: chipotle


  • Breakfast: berry crunch bowl
  • Lunch: loaded fries
  • Dinner: chicken cabbage soup


  • Breakfast: sweet potato bowl
  • Lunch: cracklin chicken
  • Dinner: (we’re going out to an event so…. not sure!)


  • Breakfast: eggs, avocado, berries
  • Lunch: leftovers
  • Dinner: leftovers/random


Here are some of the recipes for the meals above (Whole40 Week 4 Recipes):











And here’s the shopping list for the week, even though it says “week 1” I promise it’s for week 4! (Whole40 Week 4 Shopping List): And it should say a chunk of ginger, not garlic! Sheesh, I am tired today. My apologies! <3


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Whole30 Week 4 Meal Plan + Shopping List