Winter Camps: Multi-Sports & Movie Action Winter Camps With Flips & Kicks Plus

Have you ever been watching a movie with your kids, got to the big action scene, and had them ask, “How do they do that? I want to do that!” I know that for weeks after watching The Karate Kid, my kids were insistent that they knew all the moves just from watching the movie.

Luckily, at the time, they were also participating in a great summer camp lead by Flips & Kicks Plus, who taught them the basics of karate in fun and safely engaging ways. So they did know a little and learned how to respect that art form and the perseverance it takes to become a master.

If your kids want to learn how to do all the cool movie stunts, and you don’t mind them traveling with their class a little way, then Flips & Kicks Plus have the winter camps for you! They have their special movie training camps and also an extension of their multi-sports camps running in two blocks: Dec 21-25 and then again Dec 28-Jan 1. Coach Fredrik Yderstrom was kind enough to answer questions so you can find out if this camp is right for your family.

Jackie Chan’s stunt team uses the same equipment that your kids will

BJK: How does this special training center enhance the winter camp experience?

FY: It’s a professional training center with all the professional equipment needed for martial arts, movies, and stunts… [so you can feel confident in the]safety of the participants.

And, on a side note, the location of the center is beautiful, surrounded by mountains and nature. Also, the center itself is an experience, with 37,000 square meters of film and training facilities.

BJK: What can parents expect their kids to learn from this one week camp?

FY: We teach gymnastics as a base because it gives great core training, coordination, and flexibility.

In movies, it’s important to be able to adapt and each sport and martial arts has its own specialty and flavor. We want the participants to be able to learn, see, and feel the differences between the different martial arts.

For stunts, falling techniques are very important both off and onscreen. That will be the base, then safety and etiquette when filming. From that, we move over to body reactions, basic wirework, and also basic gun control [Editor’s note: not using real guns]. They will also learn how a green screen works.

Most classes are in age groups so it’s easier to personalize the training for a better progression curve. They also get to meet the Jackie Chan stunt team, and that in itself is quite a cool experience.

BJK: What qualities do your camps teach beyond the physical training in different sports?

FY: The camp offers unique insights into the movie industry. Not everything on the screen is red carpet and glamour. There is a lot of extremely hard work and early mornings behind a movie project. The participants might reflect on that a bit more next time they see a movie.

The campers will also see how you create some of the special effects in movies and that the monsters are not real; they are made using props or a green screen. Moreover, one of the best and most important parts of a movie project is team building and friendship. We know the campers will get to feel and experience that.

Flips & Kicks Plus ensures quality when it comes to camps with our long track record. So we know the kids and young adults will have an amazing experience.

Action Movie Flips & Kicks Plus and JCST Winter Camp

3.2.1….ACTION. Staying in Beijing this winter? Why not attend a unique winter camp in proud cooperation with Jackie Chan’s Stunt Team. The camp is packed with gymnastics, martial arts, and basic stunt work training. Come and harness and develop your skills or just have fun with top international and bilingual coaches. The camp is held at the amazing Jackie Chan’s Stunt Team (JCST) Training Center in Tjianjin, a one-hour drive from Shunyi. Flips & Kicks Plus supply transport to/from camp.

Age: Group A: 8-13 y/o, Group B: 14-18 y/o
Price: RMB 4,000/block
Dates: Block 1: Dec 21-25, Block 2: Dec 28-Jan 1
Location: Tianjin
Transport: Departure from ISB Shunyi 7.45am, arrival 8.45am; departure from training center 3pm, arrival 4pm
Transport fee: RMB 1,500/block. If fewer than 10 participants, the transport will be canceled.
Flips & Kicks Plus and its cooperative partners are not responsible for any delays caused by traffic or other factors in relation to the transport. If there is interest, transportation from SLT/CBD can also be arranged.
Food: Flips & Kicks Plus supplies water and fruit each day. Participants can bring their own lunch or order Chinese food at the venue.
Food fee: RMB 250/block.

Stay Over: Why not stay over in Tianjin during the week and enjoy the beautiful landscape surrounding the training center? For more information please contact us.


Staying in Beijing this winter? Flips & Kicks Plus, in proud cooperation with JCST, is offering their smash-hit multi-sports camp during the winter holiday. Train in gymnastics, martial arts, football, volleyball, and more. The camp is held at the amazing Jackie Chan’s Stunt Teams Training Center in Tianjin, a one-hour drive from Beijing. Flips will supply transportation to/from camp each day. 

Location: JCST action film training center in Tianjin
Age:  Group A 4-7 y/o, Group B 8-12 y/o
Cost: RMB 4,000/block
Dates: Block 1: Dec 21-25. Block 2: Dec 28-Jan 1
Time: 9am-2.30pm (full day only)
Transport: Departure from BSB SLT at 7.30am, arrival at JCST Center at 8.45am; Departure from JCST Center 3pm, arrival at BSB SLT at 4.15pm
Departure from ISB Shunyi at 7.45am, arrival at JCST Center at 8.45am; Departure from JCST Center at 3pm, arrival at ISB Shunyi at 4pm
Transport Fee: RMB 375/block. If fewer than 10 sign-ups from each transportation venue, the transport will be canceled.
Snack & Food: Flips & Kicks Plus supply fruit per day and water. Please bring your own snacks. In case you like to order Chinese food at the venue it’s an additional RMB 250/block.

Early bird discount: Sign up before Dec 6 and enjoy a 10 percent discount on training prices.
For registration or more information, contact Flips & Kicks Plus
Phone: 137 1846 2044

Please note that due to COVID-19 protocols, Flips & Kicks Plus reserves the right to make changes to venues, instructors, and unforeseen factors as necessary.

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Photos: Flips and Kicks Plus

Winter Camps: Multi-Sports & Movie Action Winter Camps With Flips & Kicks Plus