WIPocalypse Update for May

I'm still here and stitching for the WIPocalypse.  This stitch along features works in progress that I hope to finish before the world ends.

This month I managed to put stitches into several projects.  Shown above is my "Spring Sampler".  I stitched the Lily of the Valley section, and a bit of the frame to the right of that.

I always enjoy stitching on this sampler during the Spring!  *Bonus: the Lily of the Valley is my birth flower.

Continuing on ... I also stitched a bit on my "Summer Sampler".  I stitched the cream background behind the "camp" section and added the "Wish you were here" cursive text.

I finished most of the butterfly in the top left of "Butterfly Forest".  I have a bit more color to stitch and then the back stitching to complete the butterfly.

I also stitched on my "Bothy Threads cut thru' Pirate Ship".  I added more of the ship.

Finally, I have been working on "Hummingbird and Fuchsias".  This is a printed piece.  I have such a hard time getting the stitches even as I stitch on the printed areas of the cotton fabric.  I am having to let it be "not perfect" and it seems to be looking fine despite my "not perfect" stitching. 

I made quite a bit of progress with the leaves - but do have lots of back stitching to add.

Question of the Month: Tell us about a piece that you absolutely loved stitching.

Such a hard question.  I have so many projects that I loved stitching.  (I really love stitching the bothy threads cut thru' kits!) 

I will just post a couple of my favorites.

Nature's Alphabet by Sandy Orton.  This kit had only about a dozen colors. Simple and straight forward.  No blended colors, no fractional stitches, no back stitching.  It was fun and easy to stitch.

I also enjoyed stitching "Simple Blessings" by Sandy Orton.  I opted to stitch it in red and black.  It was another simple stitch with no blending or fractional stitching.  Easy to follow and a lovely finish.

That's all I have for my update this month.
Happy Stitching!
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WIPocalypse Update for May