within your eyes, I'll place the sky

I find myself tonight actually more tired than usual, so this may, in fact, end up spaced out by another day by the time I get the photos set up and uploaded. But I'm standing in Moonshadow Rising, watching a pretty--and pretty unnerving--set of deer unphased with local reality. It's trippy.

Reaching for the out-of-phase deer in Arkivet's 'Fragmented Chaos' horns

It's odd both touching a deer, and not touching a deer, at the same time. But let me introduce you to Arkivet's "Fragmented Cosmos" horns. These hit my brain as more 'organic crown' than 'horn set', but--either way, they're very stylish, sweeping, and marvelously colordrenched.

Looking around Moonshadow Rising in Arkivet's 'Fragmented Chaos' horns' horns

It's a pretty build, admittedly, and--if I'm right, I think I see pumpkins in the distance...

Precious little things, they are, but I am older, and wiser, and not wiling to be entrapped.

Ah, little ones, you do invite prettily enough, but I don't enter fae dancing rings on land I own, and this land? This land, I do not own. Scurry off to the more gullible.

Reclining in Arkivet's 'Fragmented Chaos' horns

As it turns out, I was right--though the bar has stopped serving witches' brew, there's still room to dance, pumpkins and skeletons galore, and several drifting wraiths. I approve. Also, this is the HUD for Arkivet's "Fragmented Chaos" horns. It's very adaptable, and intriguingly, I discovered that I can get one tone by clicking the large rotating star first, then the second inner star, or two different tones by clicking them small then large. Fun. And if you decide to change the particle color, clicking the black orb in the very center will shift from the former color, to particles of the new. Very neatly done.

These are currently on offer at Abnormality, for L$400. Along with many other tasty things.

within your eyes, I'll place the sky