This week's Musings news covers the latest from Clever Training's sponsored team The Real Triathlon Squad. Nick Chase invites them all (with their negative COVID tests) to a training camp in Utah to set aside the winter blues.

Add to that the bold move of four pro triathletes at the top of their game announcing they'll attempt to break the IRONMAN records in early 2022. Can they do it?

By Nick Chase

Nick Chase - living the pro tri life


It’s a lovely time of year for triathletes. We are all searching the globe for safe training locations with minimal COVID-19 impact. In spite of the mounting challenges being initiated by major governing bodies, we are still getting it done. Triathletes from the U.K and Australia for one have mandatory hotel quarantine upon return abroad, which is VERY expensive. It looks like Canada is also looking to institute this type of policy very soon…so international travel might still see a major set-back.

But, enough doom and gloom…

The Real Triathlon Squad came together in Utah for a stellar Team Launch Camp, where most everyone stayed at my house and came with their own negative COVID-19 test. That’s right we had daily photoshoots, meetings and so much fun, none of us wanted to get back home.

You might be surprised but January is all about getting back into the swing of things with a lighter attitude. We certainly know in our hearts, some serious times are ahead…so let’s laugh, eat dessert and enjoy the great company!

We are all so thrilled to start this team and represent so many amazing sponsors. So, yes I DID mention dessert…here are our favorites!

Nicholas Chase

I am soooo simple! I LOVE 2 things though. One being a fresh out of the oven, home-made chocolate chip, oatmeal cookie. The second indulgence comes in the form of Vanilla Oatley Ice Cream topped with warm Smuckers Caramel.

I have actually found that since I’ve been crushing so many hard sessions, I train a tad worse the days I don’t have a small sweet after dinner.

Lesley Smith Lesley Smith

Lesley Smith

My favorite dessert is a cookie sundae: ideally a 'half baked' chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream, nuts, whipped cream, sprinkles. I feel okay having dessert because my incredibly active lifestyle can lead to a calorie deficit, thus I like to reward myself with something delicious at the end of the day.

I also feel that so long as I am conscious about including nutritionally dense foods in my diet, I can also treat myself to something like this!

Garrick Garrick Loewen

Garrick Loewen

My favorite dessert is definitely strawberry or cherry cheesecake. I always feel guilt free eating dessert because the calories are a must! You can eat all the salad you want but you'll never have enough energy to get through a full day's training. Having those extra calories are crucial in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

It's fair to say that it's something I look forward to and is a motivating factor to help get me through my daily training!

Kelsey Withrow

Any day I can eat some cake is a great day. I’ve come to terms recently that dessert isn’t going to kill you and can even help fuel workouts the next day.

I’ve been eating dessert every night for the last month and my training has been the best it’s ever been. Cake wins!

Flaca Flaca


I LOVE brownies and…wine (duh). I think I love them so much because my sister used to make them for me when I was young and I LOVE brownies and chocolate!


Jackson Laundry

My favorite dessert is brownies with vanilla ice cream. When I'm craving sweets it's always means I need to replenish carb storage for the next day!

So, there you have it, we train hard, love to laugh and since the world seems to want to end itself every other week, let’s enjoy this time! Of course, we all want to WIN and crush some races too…let’s never forget that. In the meantime, make sure you check out what we are up to via our Youtube and Instagram accounts.


We just dropped a “day in the life” video that captures a lot of what we are all about at the Real Triathlon Squad.




Sarah Crowley Sarah Crowley

Also, you do NOT want to miss the latest podcast with triathlon legend Sarah Crowley who landed 3rd place at IRONMAN Kona 2019…what a tight race!

She has some incredible projects happening and stellar brand!

Have a listen on this week's The Real Triathlon Podcast available here and on Spotify and iTunes.


Lucy Charles-Barlc



Breaking 2 happened in the running world, but in triathlon we are now looking to break 7 and 8!

Yea, you read that properly! Coming Spring 2022, four top athletes have set the audacious goal of getting into the record books, because Olympic medals are just child's play! The men are going for sub-7 and the women sub-8.

SUB7 athletes will be Alistair Brownlee will be Kristian Blummenfelt, and the SUB8 will be taken on by Lucy Charles-Barclay and Nicola Spirig.

The specifics around the four athletes' attempt will fall in-line with the fundamentals of “Breaking 2”. As we saw Nike develop the fastest shoes ever and institute techniques proven to make Eluid Kipchoge faster, like drafting with pacers…the athletes will have some of the same options.

For example, wetsuits will be specifically developed outside standard regulation neoprene thickness in order to provide extra buoyancy and speed. Additionally, they will be permitted to draft on the bike portion, saving anywhere from 50% to 30% effort depending on the course (which I’m guessing will be flat as a pancake).

All in all, this will be such a monumental undertaking, all of the fastest in aerodynamics and overall efficiency will be challenged. I suspect we will all benefit from the hard work put into these attempts.

On the other hand, it seems Lucy Charles-Barclay and Nicola Spirig will work within all legal means to break the previous Women’s record, previously set by Chrissie Wellington back in 2011 (8h:18m:13s).

They will have their work cut out for them in any regard since, it’s a one-day event where literally anything can happen. 2021 looks to be epic in terms of planning and executing some even bigger accomplishments for the future!

I cannot wait!


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