Comments from the Other Side - Hornets 12/31/19

Fun game to watch.  Great way to end the year and the decade.   I love this team.   Enes Kanter is better than a lot of people give him credit for.  Hornets fans seem like a good group.  They give Celtics credit and you have to feel for them.  I know the feeling from those 22 years between banner 16 and 17.  But at least Celtics fans have history to look back on.  I think my favorite comment was the one calling Kemba's mom a bandwagon fan.  Too funny.  Happy New Year to my Celtics family.  My favorites are in bold.  What are yours?  

A loss today Puts the Hornets in the 8 slot for the 2020 draft. Happy New Year’s everyone!

We'll win this game

Kemba back in the house. Will be a tough game but no Jaylen Brown helps.

Wizards beat heat and wolves beat nets last night, anything is possible!

Hornets win 103 to 99.

This forum always goes completely dead during the holidays, kinda like our season

The Celtics commentators are garbage

Terry thinks he's Westbrook with these bricks

man tatum is pretty good

Terry Rozier thinks he’s Michael Jordan

Haven't watched the Celtics much this year and did not realize Smart has been growing his hair out.

Look, sports have only ever been a miserable experience for me. And I don’t fault Kemba. And I don’t think the Celtics have a chance to win a championship. But this game causes such profound sadness it’s almost too hard to watch

Only good thing in that quarter was Cody’s D on Tatum that one possession.

Learn to shoot you bums

We're not going win

Devonte' hitting threes Now Martin. At least this game isn’t 0-20 first half threes.

4-14 from 3 so far Infuriating.

Games like these are when JB needs to tell devonte to just go full kemba. Everyone else looks afraid of shooting RN

We are a fast paced 3 & D Team that cant shoot 3's and cant play defense.

Bacon is so damn bad even when he does a good move he misses the wide open layup

Starting to believe Borrego has been given a mandate to tank. We’re not running the same offensive sets we were 7 or 8 games ago.

ya love when miles is feeling confident He should be able to exploit Theis he’s too quick for that man

Damn Kemba's mom is such a bandwagon fan

It’s her son lmao

You're sharp. Nothing gets by you

That was horrible. I have no idea how we’re down 7. Our defense just gives them literally any shot they want.

Whatever the defensive gameplan is supposed to be, nobody is executing it

Implying we have a defense

Graham should know better than to leave Kemba wide open from three, that was just silly

Celtics are very hard to stop man. I like the small ball 5 though, switching more on D. Fighting over ball screens is hard; you can’t beat that Kemba Tatum Hayward Smart Williams lineup without switching a lot IMO

I’m so tired of being bad and there is no end in sight

Hate to see Mama Walker become a plastic smh

I like PJ and Cody Martin on Tatum. Good matchups.

Gotta defend Hayward better. He’s coming off screens to easily for his jumper.

This team cannot score enough points to win unless we can find some way to get Devonte open more. He’s literally never open.

It's the Marcus Smart effect

I guess I can't really complain about Biz when Theis has missed like 4 wide open layups today as well.

If we keep giving Hayward wide open looks he will eventually start missing

I know we’re going to lose this game but it’d be nice to keep it competitive midway/late into the fourth this time

I feel like we would be in total control of this quarter if we didn't turn the ball over every other time they trapped devonte' in the halfcourt

I see what the Celtic fans are feeling about Kemba. He is really helping these guys in leadership way that Kyrie didn't. Just seems more interested in making team better than self. Of.course, doesn’t surprise me but their team balance and attitude seems for real

They’ve got active hands. Some of these turnovers are deflected passes.

It shows when PJ tried post up too, Hayward Tatum and Smart just pull the chair and get a steal.

Very tough team Boston, honestly a team too good for us to beat right now.

Miles can’t even drive on Tatum because his loose handle will get gobbled up by Tatum, that guys such a monster

F Marcus smart how is that not a flagrant one

Kemba actually trying to argue that was a shooting foul, gtfo

Looks like Batum is banned We won’t see him, barring injuries.

Batum really signed that max contact and transformed overnight into a walking piece of ****. Dude should be arrested for robbery.

Maybe we should stop leaving Hayward wide open and giving him unhindered driving lanes

Cody Martin gotta do better switching onto Hayward man.

Ok so maybe playing marvin at the 5 while they are running Kanter is a terrible idea

Dang- Kanter not a lot of minutes but has owned the boards when he is out there

Stevens got so disgusted at watching our miserable excuse for an offense with that lineup he had to call a timeout

At least I don’t have to root 4 the MAGA prince

Who, Theis?


Ah. Hayward is the poster boy, Theis is the reality lol.

Smart just whooping zeller in the post lmao geeeeeeeeeeeez

Solid overall 3 quarters against a very good team Our guards shooting hurt us tonight And then Kanter and the boards

Like I said earlier. Knew we were gonna lose. But hoped we would get a little further into the fourth before the better team just ended us

Now that teams have figured out who they are and how to guard Borregos offense we should expect a ton of losses going forward. Hopefully enough to get a top three pick.

So close We had them. On the verge of greatness.

Is it weird Cody Marvin Nico don’t stick around to say hi to Kemba? I guess Kemba could come to the hornets locker room after the game that pride after losing or what?

Kemba said hi every time he scored on them all afternoon

The Celtics are good. We hung in there for three quarters until they ran away with it in the fourth.

Whatever, I’ll embrace the tank - AKA, with our luck, getting the 5th pick

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Comments from the Other Side - Hornets 12/31/19